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Los Angeles Times to New York City: Drop Dead


In a calllous show of one-upmanship, the Los Angeles Times contrasts bundled-up New Yorkers freezing their asses off with nubile young Angelenos in Santa Monica enjoying a carefree afternoon having lesbian sex with popular LA-produced “Rabbit” brand strap-on.


  1. Violet

    So…are they wearing crotchless leggings or something?

    It certainly looks like they’re having fun, anyway…

  2. Churlita

    That’s just mean. Damn! Us Northerners look so damn pale in comparison.

  3. Lou P.

    Brilliant photo choices. That one on the left should be used in promotional material for Los Angeles. Very nice!

  4. V-Grrrl

    Wow, there are women in burkas exposing more skin than the New Yorkers…

    And Neil, my innocence is ruined. I had never heard of an, um, “strap-on.” Go ahead, laugh.

  5. reese

    Do these things just pop into your head LOL?

  6. Not Faint Hearted

    Wow! Who knew it was warmer in winter than NYC? That’s a news item for ya! Next I suppose they’ll be taunting all us idiots in Minnesota…like we’re surprised it’s freakin’ cold and snowy here again this year!

    I gotta go shove another layer on under my jacket so I can go to work.

  7. Tatyana

    Ah beautiful weather here in NY.
    And LA is just disgusting.

  8. BA

    Two words: Awe. Some.

  9. You can call me, Sir

    God, how I loathe those smug southern California lesbians always shoving their weather in our faces. So to speak.

  10. plain jane

    Rev. Pat Robertson is going through a spiritual crisis–he doesn’t understand why L.A. is being rewarded with wonderful weather. If not being punished with below zero weather, shouldn’t those lesbians fall through a crack in the Earth or something?

  11. Neil

    Sophia: This one was funny.

    Neil: You like the writing?

    Sophia: Not really. It’s funny that your readers don’t know I had to explain what a strap-on was for you.

  12. Finn

    The New Yorkers need to go home and have sex inside. At least until summer.

    You really didn’t know what a strap-on was? Sweetie you need some edjucatin’.

  13. Caron

    Who let’s a little cold stop them? It was a million degrees below zero and we still made it out to the midnight movie. Well, it was Pee Wee’s Big Adventure shown at the historic Fargo Theater. You can’t pass that up.

  14. Killer

    You would think they could have found an innocent picture of kids froliking in the sand or something. I have to admit I would prefer this photo for myself.

  15. Pearl

    How’s Malibu doin’ these days? Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that you could go snow boarding there instead of surf boarding?

    Okay, so I’m a bit envious of the frolicking-in-the-waves weather you’re having. But we’ve got snuggle-up-with-your-favorite-someone-under-the-down-comforter weather. See…I can still read Citizen of the Month that way, Neil. 🙂

  16. ms. sizzle

    ooh excellent choice, the rabbit strap on.

    i’m glad sophia was able to use this as a “teaching moment.” 😉

  17. buzzgirl

    That’s low, LA Times! But funny.

    Oh, and my understanding is that the “Rabbit” is a vibrator, not a strap-on.

    At least, that’s what I heard. Ahem.

  18. Heather B.

    It’s so cold and I’m pretty sure my ear has frostbite. Thanks for being a show off!


  19. sween

    Don’t worry — you can all wait for the corresponding article that NYT will publish when the San Andreas Fault goes and LA sinks into the Pacific.

    The lesbian sex won’t be quite as funny then, WILL IT?!

    (I’m sorry. My long underwear are hurting my circulation.)

  20. LisaBinDaCity

    Drop dead, indeed. Oh well, at least we don’t have earthquakes, wildfires, and Santa Ana winds. So there.

  21. EEK

    Man that depresses me. I’m freaking cold, and I can’t find my long underwear. Also, I look like a total dumbass when I wear a winter hat. (Even more so than most people.)

    I think I may have a misshapen head.

  22. Zoely

    guess that’s because the guys in LA are all married to New Yorkers…

  23. Lisa

    I am so jealous! It’s 20 degrees in DC, but it says it feels like SIX! Six degrees! It hurts! I want to be frolicking on a warm beach!

  24. Tatyana

    what’s the matter with all you whiners? It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, almost no wind – it’s only a matter of warm scarf and pair of mittens, and you can feel as radiant as I am!  Neil, if you will PAY ME, I will not go to LA. [besides, if those two uglies are the best LA can offer, lesbians should avoid it like a plague)

  25. Neil

    Tatyana, New York may have better museums, but we have all the best lesbians!

  26. laurie

    People from back home always ask me, “How could you bear to live in that crazy California with the nuts and the weirdos?”

    And I say, “It is paradise and only rains four times a year.”

    And they laugh because they cannot imagine a place where it rains only four times a year. Then they come visit. And they understand…

  27. Nance

    Hey, all you Angeleno teachers: I’m enjoying my SECOND DAY OFF IN A ROW thanks to the weather. Howya like them apples? (And yes, the English teacher *did* just say that.)

  28. kapgar

    And you’re familiar enough with the “Rabbit” to identify it by sight how?

  29. Neil

    Kevin, it is one of the main benefits of reading so many female bloggers. I’m learning way MORE than I ever did by reading Cosmo!

  30. Tatyana

    Who cares about museums when the weather is so gorgeous! Time to hit the great outdoors. I mean, the Park.

  31. buzzgirl

    Neil, San Francisco lesbians beat the plastic LA ones anyday!

  32. Tatyana

    Hey, Neil, just so you don’t envy us, NYkers, here’s a comment I picked up at Gawker’s:

    Zombie G. Zomborgo says:

    Hey lightweights,

    Up where I live, with wind chill the temp. dropped to -37.

    That’s CELSIUS, bitches.

    And we don’t wear ridiculous furry hats. Well, except for the Canadian military. They seem to like it. We have parkas. With attached hoods (for keeping in the heat). Or toques. I haven’t seen a trapper hat all month.

    Although to be honest, winter hats don’t show up here until it gets down to about 15 or 20 below anyways. Christ, man. When it gets up to around 5 below, people start to walk around in sweaters only. Canada rules. We rule hard. And we rule often. Well, except when we don’t.

  33. fringes

    In your post, you should hyperlink to this “rabbit”. Just sayin’.

  34. Mo

    I agree with Buzzgirl, Rabbits aren’t strap-ons! They are those extra-special tooty-fruity vibrate you to here and back models. I mean, damn, have you ever seen one of those in action? They move every which way! I doubt any strap could hold that.

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