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Jewelry Box At CVS Pharmacy



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  1. just to be clear- the jewelry is NOT included. heh.

  2. Well, hell, I’m not buying it now.

  3. with no jewlery it’s just a box with no affiliation

  4. Good. Looks like cheap drugstore jewelry to me anyway.

  5. Oh, son of a… GREAT. Just great. I spent all that time hinting that I wanted it for VD specifically because of that quality jewelry. DAMMIT! Foiled by the fine print again. Damn you, fine print! Damn you!

  6. P.S. Neil, you really need to go into investigative journalism. Dude from Dateline has nothing on you.


  7. This is a very, very important post.

  8. looks like the gift i received from my sister-in-law at christmas and honestly, i’m not responding in a positive tone…

    i feel so honored to be crushed on today. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  9. So…what you’re telling us is that without the jewelery, the box retails for $12.99, and with the jewelery it retails for $19.99?

  10. Pffffffft.

    Well what good is it then?

  11. I guess people who shop at CVS are functional idiots, and can’t figure out the jewelry isn’t part of the deal.

  12. well then,
    why is it that in the victoria’s secret catalog it doesn’t say “model not included” in the fine print, hmmm?

  13. McDonald’s got sued for not telling people that their hot coffee would be hot…I don’t blame CVS at all.

    Someone was bound to sue for false advertising or something.

  14. Not a good idea for Valentines day, I’m just saying.

  15. Is that an example of “bait and switch” advertising? Like car ads – They show you this awesome red convertiable with this hot half naked dude behind the wheel and when you go to the dealership to buy it they tell you that the half naked dude doesn’t come with the car and in fact doesn’t even live in that state! Not included indeed. I’m writing my congressman!

  16. I am so bummed. I already bought it and I was so disappointed when I got home and found out I was supposed to put my own jewelry into it. There is no truth in advertising anymore.

  17. Eh, the jewelery in the picture looks all cheap and fake. Who would want it anyway?

  18. ahhhhhhhh, valentine day shopping already. are you planning on filling it with chocolate or jewelry? cuz apparently, it doesn’t come with either.

  19. when i was in elementary school, we sang a song for the “holiday show” aka – the x-mass show that had ONE hanukkah song that MY class sang every year becasue i was the lone jewish kid….

    anyway, for some reason, my entire family remembers this one line from this one song and we sing it EVRY hanukkah and this post reminded me of it:

    batteries not included, accessories sold seperatly

  20. Obviously. Because it’s only for “Wooden Jewelry.” Duh.

  21. HA!! I saw one once for a dresser for clothes…one of the cheap ones you have to put together yourself and the picture had clothes in the drawers and it said “provide your own clothes”

  22. Headline in LA Times:

    Myseterious man wearing what appears to be his mother’s coat is caught on videotape taking photos of jewelery boxes in CVS. Homeland Security is investigating.

  23. Jewelry not included?


    Obviously not intended for THIS Jewish princess!


  24. Well, at least it does come with Ivory Flocked Lining!

    Neil, I feel your pain about dumb packaging and was just writing about some the other day:

  25. I think you mean CVS SLASH Pharmacy.

  26. Very amusing. Although I must say that I do need something like this to put all of my Kabbalah jewelry there…

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