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Who Needs Therapy….

…when you have the internet.   Here’s a very simple screening for personality disorders from NYU Department of Psychiatry.  Just a little fun for you on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Apparently, after taking the test, I learned I have an “avoidant personality disorder.” 

I also had a very clever idea.  I think I’ve finally found a way to organize my blogroll — by personality disorders!

Also, please buy one of the t-shirts or coffee mugs I now sell on Cafepress — “I’m Proud to be Avoidant!.”

Now, I’m going back to sleep so I don’t have to deal with anything. 


  1. Nobody’s buying your mugs, Neil, because all the avoidants are avoiding the site

  2. Who needs therapy when there are bubble baths to be had?

  3. I’m a borderline personality, whatever that means, probably just as fucked up as everyone else, hooray. Seriously though, I’ll have a mug cos apparently being an avoidant is the one thing that I am not. So that’s one sale to the UK. Rah!

  4. If everyone just had more cupcakes, there would be no personality disorders. Also, I took that stupid test and it didn’t give me an answer! Do you suppose it’s because I only changed one of them to “yes” before pressing submit? Hrm. And then I shook it really hard and jammed the flippers.

  5. Yeah, but did they say there was anything wrong with avoidance? Just because you’ve been labeled, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Avoidance is a perfectly fine way to deal with things, until your electricity gets turned off because you couldn’t deal with looking at the high bill…At least, that’s what I’ve read, anyway.

  6. The test can’t decide whether I’m a Borderline Personality or Narcissistic Personality. So I suppose I could just be organized alpabetically.

  7. the test wouldn’t give me any kind of results whatsoever, therefore, i conclude i’m perfect. will you have a perfect category? or maybe the category should be aptly titled, delusional.

  8. Apparently, I’m just a grudge bearer.

  9. Apparently, I hold grudges – but I want you to know that, even though this is the second time I’ve had to leave this comment, I’m not that angry about it.

  10. Lizardek, Gorillabuns — I think both of you may need to get help immediately since you seem to “crash” the personality test.

  11. I didn’t get one! Does that mean I’m off your blogroll?

  12. Edgy, you too? I can’t believe there are so many of you that have normal personalities. What the hell are you blogging for?

  13. Gosh, I didn’t get any results either.

  14. Oh crap, your damn test said I either have a “schizotypal” or “narcissistic” personality disorder. I’ll take schizotypal, please.

    Thanks for ruining my Sunday! (Oy, that was clearly a narcissistic comment.)

  15. I don’t get one either. There had BETTER be a catergory for just being boring and normal. I might develop a personality disorder if you don’t.

  16. Apparently I am a Paranoid Personality.

    My mom will be so proud…

  17. oh whew, I am mostly OK. And how can I not be? I just made banana waffles!!!

  18. Believe it or not, I got nothing. All my angst is over my being normal? I want a diagnosis, doggonit!

  19. I didn’t get an answer either, so apparenty I’m perfect too.

  20. Um, Neil, I got 7 possible personality disorders, so I’m just going to assume that I’m a jack-of-all-trades crazy… I like the idea of using it to sort your blogroll though 🙂 Just file me under OCD.

    I think society makes us think we need therapy for too many situations, when really, we just need to talk, or take a time-out. *Gasp* blasphemy!

  21. Another perfection here.

    [But – listen- I think the questions are just designed so they can fish for candidates for “further evaluation at NYU”- have you noticed the button? You know, those who susceptible to the opinions of others]

  22. you didn’t need to take a test to find that out. i could have told you! 😉 before you go back to bed have a drink. might as well hit the sauce while you are at it.

    remember the sizzle phrase: neurotic is the new normal. (you can quote me on that!)


    Clearly you attendance at this blog is not needed. You just make the rest of us uncomfortable with you sunny, healthy personality.

    May I suggest “Cute Overload” instead as your daily blog fix.

  24. ummmm, i didn’t get anything either:)

  25. I’ll tell you right now, if I do arrange my blogroll by disorders, all the normal people will be in the LAST category. Let’s see who’s NOT ENVIOUS and VINDICTIVE now, you weirdos!

  26. Apparently I have an “Excessive need for admiration or attention”
    but who didn’t already know that?

  27. if the nothings are last, can the borderlines/schizophreics be first?

  28. The Nothings should be FIRST.

  29. Well shit howdy, I apparently am completely free of all afflictions. Yes, I am one of those cutesy kitties who says “hang in there, asses!”.

    But if you want, you can put me down for my real issues….depression and anxiety disorder (highly medicated!).

  30. Well, I suppose I should tell you I got the same diagnosis as you, but I’d rather avoid any speculation that that means we’re a “match” of any kind.

  31. Sheesh. Not one but three! But at least we share one.

    Borderline Personality
    Avoidant Personality
    Obsessive Personality

  32. I’m with Hilly. My pharmacist, psychiatrist and psychologist beg to differ with me being labeled “normal”.

  33. You are what we call personality ordered, Neil. No need for therapy. And that’s coming from me, okay? Well, maybe a little therapy. Everyone needs a little. But now? Just because the plumbing in the house is garbage? That’s usually what tips us over.

  34. Hi Neil: I have an excessive need for attention or admiration. Please tell me, what do you admire about me?

  35. Leezer, I would love to tell you why I admire you so much, but then someone else might wonder if I am giving you special treatment and then they might get mad at me, and I would feel uncomfortable, so I’m just NOT going there.

  36. Just as I suspected, I have NO personality. Sigh. Debating whether to crawl back into bed or dress in gray sweats and go walking in the fog….

  37. I belong under Manic Depressive Disorder or whatever they call it these days.

  38. I would absolutely love to see how you’d classify all of us:)

    I’ll give you a hint about my own dyfunctional “fruit” by giving you a look at my family tree’s roots:

    Mom: Borderline personality disorder, and co-dependent passive aggressive

    Dad: Narcissistic, passive-aggressive, co-dependent

    Ready… set… diagnose!

  39. Wow, now I have two NEW disorders to worry about. Thanks a lot, Neil.

  40. Hilly reminded me that I took this test on my meds. Off-meds, I’m sure I would have gotten more than a few results. If that makes you feel any better.

  41. Oh, GREAT, Neil. I’m a paranoid personality.



  42. Just did the test and I have no personality whatsoever… Whoa!

  43. What do you do if you don’t like your result?

  44. It appears as though I’m freakishly well adjusted. Daggone it! I was looking for something to explain the voices in my head!

  45. My disorder is apparently “To evaluate this further”
    or maybe nothing. thus contributing the the feeling of emptiness as I noted in my answer. hmmmm.

  46. Please classify me under “Paranoid”. Thanks,

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