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You Better Start Recording Your Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert Songs!















  1. Charming, but single

    Yay! Winter in New York pictures!

    Also, where should I mail the Chriashanykwanzaakah brownies, since I will not be singing?

  2. Two Roads

    Isn’t NYC just lovely this time of year! Love the pics. Wish I was there.

  3. Alissa

    I adore the last picture.

  4. Scarlet

    I’m totally going to be rehearsing/recording/sending on the 19th

  5. paintergirl

    Santa on the bench is so sad.

    I’ll always love the tree at the Rock.

  6. Lynnster

    Those pics are freaking me out. It’s 65 degrees here right now and we’re supposed to hit the 70s this weekend.

    Of course, I was freezing to death three days ago.

  7. psychomom

    Great NY holiday shots. Love the skating and faces of the children. Even Santa gets a rest every once in a while.

  8. Ellen Bloom

    Hi Neil,
    LOVE the NY photos!
    I’ll be sending a low-tech Windows Media Film. I hope that’s OK? Let me know!
    The sound may not be too faboo, but the visuals are festive!

  9. Sarah

    great pictures!

    NY in the winter is so much fun! very festive and very entertaining and exciting (cos of the snow) especially if you come from a city where it’s summer during december!

  10. Eileen

    The Santa picture made me sad too… I mentioned you on my blog. I’m sure you feel touched by greatness.

  11. ms. sizzle

    of course i want to say the same thing as alissa. excuse us for being internet soul sisters. 🙂

  12. Neil

    That “sad” Santa is actually eating a gyro, but he stopped when I tried to take a photo.

  13. Leezer

    I hope you’re not expecting good music. I mean, I can belt out a tune, but “belt” is the operative word here, I never said it would be on-key.

  14. pam

    Dude, I totally recorded already. And, in about an hour, I will again terrorize perfectly nice people by singing in public.

    They don’t deserve it and neither do the good guests of the Citizen of the Month Holiday Concert. But there you have it.

  15. Leese

    Is it too late to enter, Neil?

  16. steppingoverthejunk

    reminds me of when a few years ago my nowexhusband and I went to NYC on a preplanned trip (a year beforehand)and we ended up deciding to split (on that trip) and it was Christmas and all I could think was how badly I wanted to go back at Christmas with someone I felt close to. (and it wasnt him!) Love the last santa picture on the bench

  17. jaime

    Can I submit my son’s preschool Chanukah performance? They did a cute rendition of the gospel song, “This Little Light of Mine.”

  18. psychotoddler

    You can nab it off of my top post.

  19. margaret

    I’m so glad you gat a camera!

  20. 2nd Pearl Past the Post

    Here’s something I’ve always wondered about there. Why don’t they transplant a tree there instead of bringing one every year?

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