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Monday Morning Business


Sophia, I promise, this is the last post about my “blogroll” for a while.   Actual quote from Sophia:

“I have no idea what you or any of the commenters are talking about.  Boring.”

As you may have noticed, I deleted my blogroll and I’m using it to list Blog Crushes of the Day (for now — I might change that too).  My Bloglines blogroll is public and I will link to that later, in case people enjoy looking at the blogrolls of other people. 

Like many people who enjoy writing, I have my own set of writing rituals.  I write each post on an actual piece of paper rather than the computer.  I also like to imagine that I am writing for one person.  That’s where the blog crush of the day comes in.  Today, I  am writing for my blog crush, Communicatrix, because she loves lists and organization and philosophy, and I find her inspiring and honest.  She would perfectly understand the need to delete the blogroll and start fresh. 

After Brooke, she was probably the first blogger I actively pursued as a blogging friend. 

I first saw her name on YMDB, a site where you can list your favorite movies and compare them to others (YMDB is now defunct).  Topping my list was a rather obscure French film by Eric Rohmer titled “Summer (Le Rayon Vert).”  By checking the database, I noticed that someone else had this listed as a favorite — and she lived in Los Angeles — Communicatrix!  And that name sounded hot!  I didn’t have the guts to comment on her site yet, but I wrote a post about this imaginary woman named Dinah who I saw on YMDB (thinly-veiled stand-in for Communicatrix).

Eventually, we did interact online, and we even met in person.  And she is as hot in person as she is online (but sorry, fellows, she’s taken already).

Do you have a special blog crush of the moment?  It seems to be the season for spreading blog love.  Sandra and Ms. Sizzle want you to reveal YOUR blog crush of the moment on December 15 on YOUR OWN BLOGS. 

Plus — as you know my relationship with Sophia is bumpy.  Where can I meet a normal, stable girl?  Of course, there is only ONE WAY.  That is to be auctioned off like a piece of meat at the No Sex in the City online holiday charity auction!  Yes, male bloggers will be auctioned off.  I will be totally embarrassed if I only make 25 cents for their charity, so please bid.  There may be a “special” gift in store for the winner of Neilochka.  Hey, men — want to participate?  Check out the No Sex in the City site!  Sign up by December 15th.

Since I’m on the topic of blogging events, you can still sign up to perform at the big December 20th Holiday Concert (see sidebar).  Is there anyone having problems knowing how to record their song?  Please ask me any questions.  I’d love to help.  In the past, I’ve used a pretty nifty sound recorder/editor application from Holland called Polderbits.  It is pretty easy to use and there is a free two-week trial for you to try it out.

Please email me if you need help.  And if you aren’t performing, please remember to send me photos of your menorahs and trees for the decoration.


  1. Megan

    Hmm, an auction. I think you’ll be surprised at how much a nice Jewish boy can command.

  2. V-Grrrl

    Neil, I’m shocked you went for the Brazilian blog roll….

    And I’m fascinated by the blogging rituals–writing for one person, writing long hand.

    Gee, I’d bid on you just to discuss the creative process. God, I’m such a nerd!

  3. The Retropolitan

    Neil, are you NSITC’s “hot celebrity blogger” that they want to participate?

  4. Mist 1

    I stalk everyone’s blogroll.

  5. bloggadocio

    damn – how does a cool idea like YMDB end up in the Internet graveyard?! I have many blog-crushes – this will be fun!

  6. Scarlet

    I only wish I was in CA so I could bid on you.

  7. Neil

    Retropolitan — I sure hope not. I need to ask them if it is OK to offer something like a book or CD so I can up my price. What do you think — the winner also gets Clay Aiken’s new album? Huh? (illegally downloaded, of course)

  8. maggie

    I have to keep my crush secret until the 15th? I’m not sure I can do that.

  9. The Retropolitan

    So they get a date with you AND a Clay Aiken CD?

    Dude, how are the rest of us supposed to compete with THAT?

  10. communicatrix

    I am all for the dumping of the blogroll and the institution of Crush of the Day. Especially since I am the FIRST crush of the day.

    First! First!! Fiiiiiiirst!

    In appreciation, for that super-special auction bidder, I will…

    (a) devote a special post to you and the winning bidder, and;

    (b) loan the two of youse the communicatrix’s personal DVD copy of Le Rayon Vert

    Happy holidays, one and all!

  11. Roonie

    Because you write your posts out by hand, you are MY blog crush.

  12. Bice

    Write your post out by hand prior to posting? Are you doing it by kerosene lamp too?

    I tried that ‘by hand’ idea once but my crayons kept breaking and since each letter was like two or three lines tall I was going through paper too fast.

  13. Brooke

    So you are the celebrity going on auction. I should have known.

    I was your first? And yet I’m dumped already. I don’t know whether to be flattered or pissed off.

  14. Neil

    Brooke, a year ago, you could have had me for free. Now you need to pay up.

  15. Tatyana

    oh, I see. Now I, too, have to pay up? You should put it in a smal script in your e-mail.

    I think I’ll pass.

  16. Mr. Fabulous

    Where on the sidebar does it list the concert performers? I don’t see it…

  17. Leslie

    Oh! Maybe it will be like those Christies auctions where they have people on the phone during the live auction.I’m good for a ten spot :-)!

  18. Tatyana

    OT (or only partially):
    Neil, you still have time, if you dress quick, to get to this event:
    You do want to turn from blogger to author of the book, right?
    I’m going, if only to cheer for Maxwell and Jackie Danicki

  19. Neil

    Tatyana, now you tell me! It is already 7PM. Eh, I’ve given up on this blog ever getting me a book deal anyway. My new dream is giving seminars on “How to Blog.” I think in the long run, there is more money in doing that. How do you get to speak at one of those blog-meets anyway, and what do those speakers know more about blogging than anyone else?

    Here is my pitch: “You sign up, you write, you kvetch about your stats, you delete your blogroll, you blog some more until you have a sexual relationship with another blogger that eventually goes sour, the other blogger bad-mouths you on her blog, saying you were “lousy in bed,” you quit blogging, saying you are “too busy” with your real life, you start another blog three weeks later, and start all over again with a different name.”

    I can teach that!

  20. Jules

    Neil – I’ll be interested to watch the bidding. It’s always the nice,funny guy who brings in the most $$ for auctions of this kind – just consult any of your major ABC soap operas or “Groundhog Day” to know for sure.

  21. Brooke

    Pay up? You know me better than that. Not only am I going to bid on someone else, but I’m dumping you from my blogroll as well.

  22. Bre

    I’m a bit awed that you handwrite your posts – I don’t have the attention span for something like that!

  23. ms. sizzle

    hey, if you don’t rake in a lot of dough on the auction, you can always redeem yourself by raking in all those blog crushes!

    🙂 sizz

  24. Tim

    Wow, can I have the same crush as you? I met the Communicatrix at a portfolio event and I do have one of those friend crushes. Are friend crushes allowed? So many rules….

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