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Sophia, Thinking of You at Dinner



  1. Oh no! Bring back the guest blogger!

  2. Is that a slice of pizza perched precariously out your car window made to look like dinner for a person who is, pathetically, eating all alone? Or is it a carefully orchestrated scene of enticing Pacific gorgeousness with a cheesy slice of deliciousness for dinner?

  3. A little of both.

  4. You’re just upset that you can’t use a two for one coupon without her.

    She might miss you more at dinner if you had shown a picture of yourself dress-up and eating a gourmet meal or naked in bed watching All My Children.

  5. mmmmmmmmmmm, pizza at the beach. stay for the sunset and eat that last slice.

  6. That pizza is not going to help the next ass picture you take for Sophia!

    Great shot of the Pacific though!

  7. really go all out for dinner. You know how to LIVE!

  8. that looks very tasty! I wish pizza could be faxed so that the ultra lazy and hungry wouldn’t have to wait nor go to the front door to greet the delivery guy. I still think the best pizza in LA is Red Devil Pizza way out in the north end of the San Fernando Valley!

  9. Very nice pic…

    With all this mooning over Sophia I couldn’t help notice that you stopped with the link to the post from the previous year…


  10. If only in spirit, We’re all there eating pizza with you.

  11. wow. that’s about as good as the can of garbanzo beans i just ate with bottled ranch dressing.

  12. That makes me nostalgic for Redondo Beach and I don’t even like pizza!

  13. Wow – that is the most pizza-like pizza I’ve ever seen in California. Did you drive to NY to get it?

  14. It was OK pizza, but the real secret is that I upped the red in Photoshop.

  15. Hmmm…the question is, how does Sophia feel about pizza? And if she’s not into it, will she want to rush back for this? If she is into pizza, she will rush back…it looks delicious.

  16. blech. pizza. am i the only one on the planet who doesn’t like it? the way people are wagging their tongues at that picture you would think it was angelina jolie’s vagina.

  17. What, no sausage? What was the point of getting a slice in the first place if you dont have Italian sausage on it?

  18. I’m a strict cheese and sauce man.

  19. Hope you ordered a defibrillator with all that grease.

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