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I’ll Be A Little Angel


Margaret, I heard you loud and clear in the comments to my last post.

“This is getting weird.”

You’re right.

Next week I’m going to try to be good boy — the nice Jewish boy my mother raised me to be. I will not write anything salacious. As a blogger, I’m a role model to the community at large, which means certain responsibilites.

That’s why I’ve decided to drive down to San Diego to spend some time with intelligent bloggers such as Modigli, Dating Dummy, and Lushy to discuss matters such as politics and world affairs.

I also hope to grab some alone time in San Diego. I’d like to read this new book I got. For me, reading a good novel is the best way to stop thinking about Sophia and my frustrating sex life — and to think about other topics!



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  1. May I suggest Anaïs Nin’s “Delta of Venus”?

  2. San Diego should be nice this weekend. I hope you get to enjoy the view some. I think it’s time for a roadtrip in our home too. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. oh yeah, that is SURE to do it. 😉

    i am SO jealous that you get to meet lushy and lushy gets to meet you. live it up for me!

  4. Geeesh, maybe I should move to San Diego, then I’d get to meet you…I guess L.A. isn’t close enough. (Have fun Neil…S.D. is a great city)

  5. Cruisin’ — I’ve been waiting to meet you, but you’re the scaredy cat!

  6. Oh I love Henry Miller. Excellent choice.

  7. I, for one, have been enjoying your recent slumming. Eventually I hope to drag everyone down to my level.

  8. Meybe your next post could be a book review.

  9. Good for you. A change in scenery is probably just the thing you need.

  10. that does it! no one calls me a scaredy cat…you have thrown down the guantlet…I challenge you to a pancake eating dual at IHOP.

  11. Oh forget sex and politics, let’s talk about bagels….

  12. I love the word salacious.

  13. Okay, but you get a good corned beef down in San Diego?

  14. Topless women = happy readers.

    Are you actually going down to Tijuana during your trip to San Diego? What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, so I’m told.

  15. I’m fascinated by the “P.S.” on the book. What could the features and insights possibly be? I mean, it’s Henry Miller. What might he have left out?

  16. Is it OK to judge a book by its cover?

  17. Is it wrong that I am totally turned on by the cover of that book? *moving on*

  18. Intelligent. Hahahahahahahahahaha! It was great to meet you. More fun today!

  19. Waiting for your read on “Tropic of Capricorn.”

  20. careful you don’t lose your wings reading that book.

  21. My copy of Tropic doesn’t have a cover like that!

  22. Oh! Henry Miller! His writing is fabulous to escape into… though the cover may not help!

  23. Where angels fear to tread must have widened territory. 😛

  24. Neil, I love the post and I’m glad you’re going to take a higher road. I could only wish that I had breasts like that lady in the photo. Now I’m just jealous.

  25. Delightful, I’m reading “Tropic of Cancer.” The Lost Generation crew are so romantically cynical. I feel that we need a resurgence.

  26. I’m reading “Tropic of Cancer”, although my book jacket isn’t nearly as sexy as that one. I too am quite jealous of her fine rack.

  27. I feel like such a rock star!!! My name is the first word! Neil Kramer knows my name! I might do a little dance.

  28. Haha! Never judge a book by its cover, it might be about politics for all you know! lol!


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