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Watch the Road: Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles



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  1. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe it should say, “Stop reading this sign and watch the road, duh!”

  2. Do they have giants in LA?

  3. It’s positioned to be at eye level for drivers of Ford’s new SuperGiantExpialidition V-24.

  4. Wow, you’ve sold a TV show right? You’ve been Lost, you’ve slain with Buffy, you’ve totally swanked about with Dallas – NOW… watch: The Road (an Ochka production).

  5. lol! Its like a French show I watch whose presentor tells you to switch off the Tv and go have some normal activities. this ets you laughing and you sit and watch the rest.
    At least it can be seen from far.


  6. You’re like my photoshop superstar, Neil.

  7. LOL. Wasn’t LA ranked #1 as having the worst drivers? (Boston was #5) NOW we know why.

    Just sayin.

  8. Hahhahahahahhahahahaha! Can you send this post to somebody in the California Department of Transportation?

  9. Ha, hilarious. Good job, guys.

  10. It’s at perfect eye level for a woman cradling a cell phone while she’s putting on her mascara in the rear view mirror….

  11. Clearly these banners are meant to warn birds about the dangers that roads/ cars pose to their frail feather bodies.

  12. Eye level for all the folks driving H2s?

  13. Your tax dollars at work.

    This reminds me of the stickers the State of Florida requires on vending machines. Part of it says, “If this sticker is missing, please call…”

    Thanks for stopping by today; the perfect ones break our hearts because they can. 😉

  14. I bet the hookers don’t like that sign.

  15. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I want to create: “Stop Reading This and Pay Attention to Your Phone Call”

    Hello, Neil.

  16. Classic! Now to see how many wrecks happen when people are looking up to read the sign instead of, oh, I dunno…watching the road maybe!

    My favorite bizarre road sign ever (although in a totally different way) was next to a low-lying bridge in rural Kentucky. The sign said “When bridge is covered high water exists.” I thought someone in the KY Highway Dept. had a very Zen attitude about flooding.

  17. It’s like those overhead traffic boards..warning you about a heavy traffic ahead, only to CAUSE a traffic jam because EVERYONE slows down to read the signs! Lovely…

  18. Neil, I think you should send this to Jay Leno. This is the type of stuff he enjoys sharing with his viewing audiences.

  19. Seriously, you crack me up. I’m not quite sure how you figured me out so easily 😉

  20. That is about the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks. I needed that!

  21. I still love to start a class every now and then by saying, “How many of you are here today? Raise your hands.”

  22. Wow. Everything my mother told me about CA really is true, isn’t it?

  23. DFW Airport used to have these big signs saying what flights were in what terminals. They were huge and had tons of information.

    They didn’t last a year because they caused accidents.

  24. Smooth LA, very smooth.

  25. Ha, very funny. To go off what Nance said, when I was a camp counselor and the kids would ask if they could go get a drink of water, I’d say, “Yeah, get one for me too.” Wha?

  26. I know, I know. It’s so great that even safetey endeavours are distractions.

  27. That’s AWESOME! Gotta love L.A.!!!

  28. As it happens my last car was totalled on Venice Blvd. Now I know why that jerk didn’t see the red light.

  29. LifeinLALAland

    May 19, 2006 at 1:34 pm

    No problemo! Its in English and the drivers without insurance can’t read it anyway.

  30. Do you all seriously find three simple, boldly written and practically subliminal words on these innocuous signs more dangerous than just about everything else you do while driving? At least they may wake you up out of your smog induced stupor while droning along your commute to and from hopeless auditions in your gas sucking SUV’s.

  31. Typical LA. I’m getting nostalgic!

  32. Scott: when you create that bumper sticker, let me know…that’s hysterical.
    Neil: you are always hysterical.

  33. As an aside: My apologies to any Heathers that were here before me. Gosh, I can remember when there weren’t hardly any of us. It’s all Winona’s fault.

  34. I’m with Chickybabe — there must be giants in LA (with large cars to match). Maybe it’s a California thing…there’s a building in downtown SF with braille on the top and I’ve always wondered who can read it…

  35. Maybe it’s for low flying aircraft.

  36. Got to love the hometown.

  37. there used to be a sign outside Changi airport in Singapore that encourage drivers to “Be Spontaneous!”

    Singaporeans are decidedly shorter tho.

  38. Hi, you always make me laugh- and I love you for it!

  39. […] Watch the sky: Citizen of the Month blogs about the absurdity of those “Watch the Road” banners around L.A. being placed high in the air. […]

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