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Man and Woman: Morning



"You were amazing last night," she said, stretching in my bed.

"I was?"

"I love it when a man is so masterful.  When he takes charge.   Why don’t you do that more often?"

"You liked it?"

"I loved it.  I want you to do it again tonight."

"I really wanted to please you so much.  So, I took those chances."

"The way you took your time… everything so slow… and then you went "all in.""

"It’s how you win in a Texas Hold ’em game.  I took a hundred bucks from all those women.  Woo-hoo!  The second time in two weeks.  Maybe I’ll win tonight, too." 

"I was so impressed.  But you’re giving me back my twenty dollars, right?  Right?"

"Sure," he said, bluffing.


  1. anne

    She’s stretching in your bed, but he bluffs?

  2. Tongue in Cheek

    Were you playing in bed or on the table? Yo didn’t have any cards up your sleeve did ya? Now, that is a trick question!

  3. Michele

    Neilochka, the master of the bait and switch.

    Where did you learn all this stuff, anyway?

  4. The Retropolitan

    Hm. My girlfriend never gets this excited when I play poker.

  5. Scarlet

    Texas Hold ‘Em is a euphemism, no?

  6. amanda

    why neil, nice work!

  7. Leesa

    Cute 🙂

  8. Edgy Mama

    I prefer seven-card stud myself.

  9. stephanie

    nice set up.

    you did get some, right? 🙂

  10. anne arkham

    Great post.

  11. bettyonthebeach

    Edgy Mama – seven card stud! Nice one!

  12. Pearl

    A picture is worth 1000 words…
    Much better, Neil.

  13. sara lee

    Very Very Nice!

  14. Wendy

    Nice. You are welcome to sit in at my poker game any time. Just bring lots of cash.

  15. The Moviequill

    the foot fetishist inside me adores this post

  16. Nelumbo

    does this mean less penis posts?

  17. Tatyana

    Thank god you had a good sense to change the visual (or rather-your editor S).
    White+blue+pink and the smug …erm…female swimming in it…you were this close of ruining your reputation with me, what’s left of it (3 words: the red shirt).

  18. ashbloem

    You should come play with us sometime.

    Poker, of course.

  19. Kevin

    Whoever said romance was lost on you is full of it. 😉

  20. justrun

    I don’t know whether to be intrigued or… or, hmmm. I need to learn to play poker better.

  21. treespotter

    the first pic’s a very nice pic. the toes, less so.

  22. Neil

    Pearl — Thanks for the photo advice.

    Nelumbo — No.

  23. Tatyana

    Ah, so Pearl was your editor this time…Thank you, Pearl!

  24. ChickyBabe

    Nice work! 😉

  25. Jacynth

    Wait….so is “poker” code word for the horizontal mambo? Tee hee.

  26. Student Nurse

    Texas Hold ’em or sex either way you come out a winner, Nice.

  27. better safe than sorry

    huh, my 14 year old son plays poker. not sure if i should be worried or relived.

  28. darlin nikki

    Gorgeous shots and filters Neil, how our brain focuses on these beautiful parts and moments to equal a sum of full emotion. Me likes it lots 🙂

  29. bella

    Best poker erotica on the ‘net. 😉

  30. Lin

    Texas Hold ‘Em games currently running have names like
    Big Blind
    Big Slick
    Call Cold
    Dead Man’s Hand
    Pocket Rockets

    Does yours have a name or are you more a generalist?

  31. claire

    Saucy, just how I like my Neil. ;]

  32. helen

    Shame on you Neil!!

    Cheating all those poor old ladies…. they could have put the money to good use ………….. like getting Botox.

  33. Sandra

    It’s the poker face, Neil…it’s the poker face. Or maybe the way you hold ’em — although not in Texas.

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