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Creativity in Business

How many millions of dollars did it take to come up with these company names?









  1. wendi

    somebody got paid a lot to lift zantarded names from other places…makes me sick…hand over zantac please

  2. kris

    One miiiiiiiillion dollars.

  3. ladymathematician

    When I want to give up, completely, I often fantasize about jobs someone has, that I could have, potentially. Lipstick-color-namer is on the top ten, right after smokey-jazz-club-singer. Never has it been naming-things-that-are-most-likely-bad-for-you. Never, I say. Lipstick is good for the soul, unlike feed supplements and weightloss aides.

  4. Pearl

    I love brainstorming creative names for products and slogans — maybe I should’ve been a copywriter instead of a copy editor!

    Don’t know how much these folks paid for these selling tactics, but the marketing innovation teams must’ve studied ZEN for their enlightenment and then put those preachy lessons into practice!

  5. Edgy Mama

    They’re probably going for the “Z” infrequency.

    Missed you, Neil. Oh, and I threatened to sic you on this guy in Fresno who dissed me. He apologized, though.

  6. Neil

    Please add Zyntech and Zyntek to the list. Thank you, Alice.

  7. Josia

    It’s the .com thing that screwed everything up. I AM a copywriter so I know exactly how it happens …

  8. Tatyana

    …and with creative spelling.

  9. jenny

    lots. and i sure would LOVE to have that job!

  10. Jay

    Mmm. Feed supplements.

  11. amanda

    wow, neil…i don’t even know what to say…good work, but i wonder what inspired this search…

  12. Neil

    Amanda, thanks for being so curious! I like that. Sophia had a cold last week, and I searched Google to see if Zantac was the right medicine. But I spelled it wrong and got something else. Then, I noticed all the other products that had the similar names. I found it amusing. I’ve always found the naming of products intriguing, though lately names have become less and less interesting as they are focused grouped to death — Celebrex, Allerest, Prozac, Viagra, etc. — they all sound like alien planets that the Starship Enterprise would visit.

  13. Atomic Bombshell

    Oh…My…GOD!!! I’m working on a corporate name change project and it’s a struggle that’s going on three years of development now.

    Let me tell you why companies come up with such uninspired craptastic names: The power of multiple opinions. The more people you involve, the more “vanilla” the outcome will be.

    It’s my daily nightmare. :/

  14. Melliferous

    I think those millions were well spent, I suddenly have the urge to take all those pills.

  15. M.A.

    Does ‘Zyn’ some sort of etymological significance? If you switch the z to an s it’s like ‘syn’ or the same.


  16. Brooke

    Don’t forget Xanax! Same sound, different letters, may cause drowsiness.

  17. Tatyana

    Brooke, you can’t deny the similarity anymore (see my comment above)

  18. Melanie

    I’m surprised they haven’t all sued each other yet, when you’ve got companies like Krispy Kreme going after little mom-and-pop operations called Crispee Cream or something like that…

  19. Leesa

    I could have done that. Damn.

  20. Bill

    Oh dear. I just had to send an e-mail to a certain committee that the names I proposed for the new product line may involve some copyright infringements. Damn you!

  21. L.N. Smithee

    Excellent observation and commentary. I aspire to work at a design firm someday, but think the part where they charge thousands to millions for putting a dictionary in a blender and pasting a brand name together like a ransom note is highway robbery.

  22. mrsmogul

    They probably just used refrigerator magnet letters!!

  23. xedafa7851

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