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Fiddler on the Goof, the Finale

And rounding off our cast — going from his hit show on Bravo straight to Broadway, it’s Bobby Brown, as Tevye!  (Well, he can sing)


Tevye (talking to God):  I know, I know. We are your chosen people. But, once in a while, can’t you choose someone else?  (from "Fiddler on the Roof")

The rest of the cast


  1. anonymous city girl

    there is a ghetto joke in there somewhere…hhhhmmmm.

  2. ashbloem

    This is cracking my shit UP. Please, stop, before I pee on myself.

  3. introspectre

    Nuh uh.


    It can’t be.

    (whispers to the others, “I think Bobby’s been sharing with Neil, if you know what I’m saying…”)

    *coughs* “Crack!” *coughs*

  4. jenny

    how he gets any kind of publicity is beyond me. the man is/was a drug addict and beat up his wife. OH i forgot the media loves to hero-ize criminals!

  5. Pauly D

    That show he does is unwatchable.

  6. Jack

    Actually it is so bad that you stop to watch, but then again I admit to watching Tommy Lee.

    The good news is that I have never been nor will go to cleveland.

  7. cruisin-mom

    Neil, is there any truth to the rumor that Whitney is playing Yenta the Matchmaker?

  8. Ben O.

    Bobby on Broadway, huh? I guess it could be stranger. Maybe Bobby cleaning up and becoming a model husband and father. Probably want to stick with the broadway thing.

    Nice site – Ben O.

  9. Pearl

    Who is going to be the actual “fiddler” on the roof? (Isaac Stern isn’t available.) If it were to be a Canadian production, I’d suggest Ashley MacIsaac, who is a radical violinist.

    “Ashley MacIsaac is, in a sense, the musical representative of the pre-millenial generation of Eastern Canada. An ardent traditionalist with a penchant, nevertheless, for experimentation, this 29-year-old Nova Scotian native has been taught to play the fiddle the working-class, pub-stomp Cape Breton way: fast, furious and with phenomenal precision.

    Alternately considered a rebel, taking the old fiddling conventions in newfangled directions they were never meant to go, or a champion, reforging and recreating Celtic music with an updated, mass-appeal quality, MacIsaac has unarguably put his own spin on the sounds he was brought up with.”

    So whaddaya say…wanna sign him up?

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