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Fiddler on the Goof, Part 3

The creative casting of Broadway’s Fiddler on the Roof continues with today’s announcement of the Dixie Chicks as Tevye’s daughters Tzeidel, Hodel, and Chava.  


Previous casting news here and here.


  1. kristine

    you’re kidding, right?

  2. Melliferous Pants

    Is the one in the middle a little person?

  3. a.m. griff

    damn this fiddler on the roof keeps gettin’ better and better. it’s gonna be sweet.

  4. brando

    well, jeez, neil, you obviously don’t need kids to have something to write about. fiddler on the roof is obviously a much better best friend to bloggers than children. daddy bloggers my ass. look out world. here comes neil. broadway blogger.

  5. Megarita

    This is starting to take that turn past parody to cataclysm. You couldn’t make up this casting…

  6. The Moviequill

    the one on the left has my name on it

  7. Tanya

    Well, naturally.

  8. ms. sizzle

    if this is true. . .it sort of makes sense.

    and the one in the middle (natalie manes) isn’t a little person, she’s just short and those twin sisters she plays with are amazons (hence her looking like a dwarf).

  9. Charlie

    I hope they instill some of that charming anti-Bush rhetoric into the musical.

  10. JJ MacMillan

    You shouldn’t make jokes like this, you’re giving them ideas.

  11. Michael Blowhard

    Small historical point: “Color-blind casting” (which in effect meant casting with no regard whatsoever for whether the actor was an ethnic fit for a role) was promoted and put over by Joseph Papp, a Jewish boy from Brooklyn. I wonder how he’d feel about how “Fiddler” is being cast these days. Next: Denzel as Tevye!

  12. Aurorealis

    I think one of them already plays the fiddle… Did that help them in the auditions?

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