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Angelina Out Shopping

Angelina Jolie leaving a Los Angeles Costco after buying two more Third World children.



  1. Edgy Mama


  2. TWM

    Baaaaddddddd! But so good — and damn near true.

  3. a.m. griff

    too funny. The little dude on the right looks a tad peeved about the whole thing.

  4. jenny

    that was low, but hilarious.

  5. Tatyana

    Ah, yeah, mommy dearest.

  6. Megarita

    Spot on, Neil.

  7. Bill

    What kind of savings do you get on bulk purchases? I’m thinking this could be the answer to Live 8.

  8. Bad Maria

    Ah, Angelina – the Mia of our generation – beautiful daughter of Hollywood actor parent, now hooked up with a man who once held sway over thousands of screaming teen girls but in our youth oriented crazed world is now struggling to find his “niche” in older roles while making one bomb after another. So who’s next Angelina? A composer you can have a few of your own with? And then after that, will you hook up with Jon Favreau (a man who seems to think he’s the Woody Allen of our generation?)

    Tune in 18 years from now when the polaroids hit the stands…..

  9. Nancy French

    I’m disturbed by that kid’s hairstyle… Anyone else?

  10. Jack

    My hair looks just like that, courtesy of nature.

  11. Renato

    professional child adopter….good career move after bad actress.

  12. Melliferous Pants

    Damn, all they sell at my Costco are massive packs of toilet paper and giant packages of wieners.

  13. The Moviequill

    we don’t have Costco here, just SamsClub… so all I could find was celebrity pets

  14. Helena

    Did I mention that I love celebrity weekend? I do.

  15. JJ MacMillan


  16. introspectre

    A strange one, that Angelina. And yet so yummy.

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