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My First Meme – Part 2


I enjoyed doing the meme yesterday (thanks Hilary) and tagging others.  I felt bad when I didn’t get a meme before, so if you want to do the pain in the ass meme from yesterday — and I didn’t ask you — just do it and say I tagged you. 

No one will know.   The whole point of blogging is that you don’t have to follow any stupid rules.

One of the biggest problems in my life is that I wait around to be picked.  The worst feeling in the world was back in gym and waiting for the dodgeball teams to pick sides — and standing there last.  I missed opportunities for romance because I was afraid to approach women.  I didn’t get jobs because I hated calling up an employer after sending a resume. 

I say, be proactive and do it yourself.  "Pick me!  Pick me!"  used to be my motto.  From now on, I’m not waiting around for someone to ask me to do a meme.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to!   And you should do the same.

(By the way, that’s just a stock photo above.  You wouldn’t actually see me climbing that ridiculous thing.)


  1. Fun Joel

    Since this is ALL about breaking rules, I will respond to your tag, but will do so HERE in the comments. (I’m really trying to keep my blog purely screenwriting-centric!) Do with it what you will. And btw, you’re my first memer, or uh, well, let’s just forget I said that! 😉

    10 Years Ago: I was living in NYC, having moved back in (I was home after college for a year and a half) on New Years Day 1995. I’d been putzing around, barely working, and living off of the only savings I’ve ever had in my life. By the summer of 1995 I had probably squandered the bulk of it, and realized I needed to actually work. I started temping. I was also in the midst of getting my MA in Media Studies and Certificate in Film Production at the New School in NYC (not a new school, that’s just it’s name).

    5 Years Ago: Ah, summer in NYC. Free movies on Monday nights in Bryant Park. LOTS of great Frozen Margaritas. Full-time freelancing: reading scripts for New Line, William Morris Agency, Tribeca Productions; teaching for Princeton Review; some freelance writing.

    1 Year Ago: Less than a year of living in LA, but already putting down good roots, meeting lots of peeps, having fun, working, etc. Reading for New Line, Walden Media. Writing for scr(i)pt magazine. Starting to read for developing screenwriters. Getting MUCH more serious about my own screenwriting and making solid progress.

    Yesterday: Worked all day at my part-time job (20 hrs a week, but full time 2 days). My writing group at my house last night.

    Today: Not much yet. Reading, etc. Planning to finish covering a book, finish commenting on a script for a first-time screenwrter who contacted me through my blog, get some writing done, Shabbat dinner at a friend’s tonight.

    Tomorrow: Synagogue. Shabbat lunch at neighbors. No plans yet for tomorrow night. Go out or stay in and write.

    5 Snacks I enjoy: Bisli (Sophia will get a kick out of that, I bet), Nacho Cheese tortilla chips, pretzel rods, uh… not much of a snacker… how about pizza and beer?

    5 bands that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: Ben Harper, Grateful Dead, Moxy Fruvous, God Street Wine, Spin Doctors

    5 Things I’d do with $100,000,000: Give at least $10 mil to charity, pay off my parents’ mortgage and other expenses, pay off all of my immense debt, Have a massive party/dinner for all of my friends, buy a Guinness brewery and keep it running for my own personal use for the rest of my life.

    5 locations I’d like to run away to: Israel, Kauai, Australia, Galapagos, Iceland

    5 bad habits I have: procrastinating, interrupting people, eating more than I need to, leaving dirty dishes around, finding stupid excuses not to do things that I should do

    5 things I like doing: listening to music or singing (I’ll count as one), eating, drinking, being merry/hanging with friends/having great conversations (also one), smoking cigars

    5 things I would never wear: I’ll copy you and say a toupee. Hmm… as long as we don’t count wearing them in an ironic scenario: fur coat (not for moral reasons, just think they look silly on guys), make-up, a fanny pack. A suit of armor (hell, I try to avoid ALL suits!)

    5 TV Shows I like: Simpsons, Jon Stewart, Arrested Development, NY Rangers games (please come back), NY Jets games.

    5 movies I like: Big Lebowski, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Chinatown, Annie Hall, Moonstruck

    5 Famous People I’d like to meet: Drew Barrymore (she just seems really fun and cool), Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, Maimonides

    5 biggest joys at the moment: having great friends to hang with, figuring out life, living in LA, listening to great music, recognizing my blessings

    5 favorite toys: (from when I was a kid) Evel Knieval motorcycle that raced across the floor and jumped, hockey stick and ball, Lego, this basketball guy that you’d balance a ball on top of his hand and press a button that would make him shoot the ball through a hoop, Merlin.

    Now I need to tag 5, but since I’mposting it on your blog, I need to think of people who read your blog, instead of mine. Hmm… Well, how about 5 that I’m randomly selecting from your sidebar: Jack’s Shack, Nichelle Newsletter, Fictional Rockstar, Everyday Goddess, and, A Socialite’s Life.

    Whew! Long. But thanks for the tag anyway! 🙂

  2. Fun Joel

    Now that I read the comments to the previous post, I see Fictional Rockstar did it already. So instead… Babbling Brooke

  3. Neil

    I like that you’re being radical and posting your meme here. Rules were made to be broken. What other rules could be broken? How about writing your meme in another language…

  4. Leese

    Ok, I did it! 🙂

  5. Fun Joel

    My pleasure Neil! Make sure those other five read this and follow my tags! Or if they want to break the rules, they could refuse.

  6. The Moviequill

    I never did the ‘Pick Me Pick Me’ thing in school, but I was always chosen first. The buggers always took one step back on me when it came to volunteering

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