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Dov Charney and American Apparel are at it again, this time trying to sell old-school tube socks by dressing up (or down) porn star Lauren Phoenix in their new advertisements.


If you were born before the Reagan Administration, you’ll surely remember those cool tube socks, that is until kids started beating you up for wearing them.

In their next ad campaign, American Apparel is using porn star Rick Rockhard to sell their new line of early 1970’s tennis sweatbands.



  1. Jack

    I still have a few pairs floating around. If you pull hard enough they’d cover your neck. 😉

  2. Charlie

    I can’t help but find it ironic that a company that prides itself on not exploiting its workers would have an advertising campaign that instead exploits and objectifies women with ads that often look like “Barely Legal” porn.

    On a side note, I saw a presentation last week at work from an anti-sweatshop nonprofit and they said that American Apparel certainly pays a fair wage and has better workplace conditions than most, but the owner still refuses to let his workers unionize.

  3. Neil

    I’ve heard that argument, too. I just find it amusing how for some people, they’ll excuse anything when someone is on their side with a polticial issue. I applaud their work conditions and pay scale. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make fun of the owner’s sleazy reputation. Starbucks is a comfortable place to sit, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make fun of them wanting to take over the world.

  4. susan

    man, that girl makes wearing those socks hot again. wow, the power of marketing through sex…

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