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Hollywood Cemetery Nights

Last week, Nanette at Say it, Don’t Spray it wrote about the weekly showing of old movies at, of all places, a Hollywood cemetery.  That just sounded so weird that I had to go tonight (with Sophia, the wife I’m separated from for a year and a half, but that’s a story for another day)  to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s "North by Northwest."

First, we made the stop at Trader Joe’s and bought enough food to feed a family of eight (that is if they mostly ate California rolls, dolmas, hummus, and strawberry danishes).  Traffic was a mess (Hollywood Forever cemetery is at Gower and Santa Monica Blvd.), so we ended up parking on a side street.

Nanette mentioned that her fiance, Brent, might kill her for telling too many people about this event on her site.  Now I understand why.  It was crowded!

Even though it got a little cold and we spilled our wine, it was a lot of fun and everyone next to us was very friendly.  Part of me thinks it is a little disrespectful to show movies at a cemetery, but hey, it’s LA, and supposedly a good part of the money goes to renovating some of the artwork at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Information about upcoming movies can be found here.

(the crowd gathers)


(Cary Grant)


  1. Hilary

    How funny. I was invited to go last night too. But I’m out of town. Looks like fun!

  2. Nanette

    Glad you had fun! It does get pretty packed so you have to get there early (like right before it opens). It would be nice to keep it as a little secret, but fun stuff like this tends to get out. 🙂

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