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Los Angeles Social Scene

I’ve been getting emails from L7, “a social and networking scene” in Los Angeles.  It might be of interest to  those looking for a new way to meet people in this “hard-to-meet-people” city.  I’ve never been to any of their events.  Have any of my LA readers?

From their website:

Our scene brings together young professionals from a cross-section of industries to experience what Los Angeles has to offer: cocktail networking or dinner parties, wine tasting, cultural events, adventure games, yacht parties and more. Many have told us our simple concept is exactly what they are looking for. “L7 brings together people, culture, aesthetics, music, restaurants and style without the usual LA attitude.”

L7 has an email list that supposedly consists of more than 13,000 people.

Here’s a photo from their last event at LACMA.

(photo via

Wouldn’t you like to meet them?  — Josh, a web designer from Pasadena… Jenn, a Warner Brothers P.R. assistant from West Hollywood… Tracey, an actress from Santa Monica… and Moira, a real estate attorney from Manhattan Beach.

OK, I made up all those names and their jobs, but they look like the cool Los Angeles people everyone wants to meet.

Except me.

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  1. Kristine

    I signed up for a reservation for a MeetUp wine tasting. the MeetUp organizer had Katherin @ L7 handle the reservations and she required prepaid reservation. Had an emergency & immediately contacted MeetUp organzer, who said there was a wait list and I would get refund, or at very least credit. but Katherin @ L7 denied wait list, failed to respond, and refused REFUND! SO BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS WITH L7, which they failed to note are apparently NONREFUNDABLE!

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