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Carl and Paris


Carl Karcher was born in 1917 in Sandusky, OH. 

He moved to Anaheim in 1937 to work in his uncle’s seed store.  He later delivered baked goods and ended up buying one of his stops…a hot dog stand.  Karcher and his wife grew the stand into an empire of four before opening Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque in 1945.  Carl’s Jr debuted in 1956, so-named because they were considered "junior" versions of the original drive-in.  It was modeled directly after the original McDonald’s, which by then was pioneering the modern day fast food industry.  Carl’s Jr spent the next couple of decades expanding and innovating, introducing several firsts to fast food restaurants like padded seating and partial dining room service.

Carl was always a family man.   Today, he has twelve children, forty grandchildren, and eighteen great-grandchildren.  He is a long time supporter of Republican candidates and causes, including the Right to Life League, which has a platform calling for the end to abortion, with no exception.


Nothing says family values better than the new Carl’s Jr. commercial starring Paris Hilton, a woman made famous giving a blowjob in a video.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  The commercial is sexy, but my mind wandered to things other than the soap on her body.  How do the filmmakers keep the lettuce and tomato from sliding out of the bun?  I’ve eaten burgers in  Carl’s Jr.  They end up a mess.  Did the prop people have to put little pins on the bun to keep it down, sort of the way you have to pin down a yarmulke?

Here is the nutrition info on the six dollar bacon cheeseburger.  Now, this is pornographic.



  1. Hilary

    On a somewhat related note, Sandusky is also home to Cedar Point amusement park. Just in case you know, anyone cared.

  2. Neil

    I didn’t know. I do care. It’s good to learn new things. One night, I could be at a cocktail party and the subject of Cedar Point amusement park could come up.

    And I’ll say, “Hey, I know about that!”

    Thanks, Hilary.

    Did you know that on the Cedar Point Amusement park website, there is a web cam showing a view of the park from the 360-foot-level of Top Thrill Dragster?

    There is no way anyone could anyone get me to go on that roller coaster. Space Mountain is as scary as I go.

  3. Hilary

    I’m with ya on the roller coasters. Not my thing. We used to go to Ceder Point when I was a kid though…

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