An idiot waits until the last minute on April 15 to send in his tax forms.
(10:00 PM)

And idiot drives to the Hollywood Post Office where he is told that he can get his envelope stamped at the Beverly Blvd. Post Office.
(10:15 PM)

An idiot drives to the Beverly Blvd. Post Office where people are stamping envelopes outside, but he learns it is a scam and these people are not postal workers, and the police arrive on the scene.
(10:40 PM)

An idiot learns that he needs to go to the Post Office at LAX to get his envelope stamped before midnight.
(10:50 PM)

An idiot drives all the way to LAX and ends up at the wrong facility on Century Blvd.
(11:22 PM)

An idiot races several blocks away to the right facility where, under large floodlights, postal workers stand in the street carrying mail sacks.
(11:35 PM)

An idiot waits in a two-block line of cars until it it is his turn to throw his envelope into one of the sacks.
(11:50 PM)

An idiot, exhausted and hungry, takes out food from Fatburger.
(12:15 AM)

An idiot, with heartburn from Fatburger, can’t sleep and watches a repeat of the news where he sees other idiots driving their tax forms in at the last moment.
(2:00 AM)