I haven’t been very good at meeting up with New York bloggers while I’m in town.  I’ve been trying to spend more time with Sophia and my mother.  I’m also intimidated meeting New York bloggers in person, knowing how sophisticated and worldly they can be here.  New Yorkers all hang out at the same hip bars and know Sarah Jessica Parker personally.  And when I tried to pick up this sassy brunette in a Williamsburg coffee shop/art gallery/S&M bookstore by suggesting we grab a meal at the Olive Garden, she just laughed and cursed me in Greek.  Snob!

There is one beautiful blogger I had to see again before I left town — Tamar.  She was an important part of my 2007.  She actually spend REAL, not Monopoly, money to buy me  like a high class hooker in a V-day charity blogger auction.  105 dollars!  I wouldn’t pay that much for a date with me.  A few months later, Tamar showed some love for the other woman in my life, Sophia, when she sent her a very special healing bracelet to help Sophia through her surgery.

What better way to start January 1st than seeing Tamar?

One problem — Sophia and I are staying in Queens.  Tamar lives in Philadelphia.  We spoke on the phone, and came up with an eccentric, but amusing concept:  we would meet for lunch EXACTLY at the mid point between our two locations.  So, call the New York Times!, the three of us have found a new use for Google Maps — plotting the midpoint between two locations, which is — tadah! — some place I knew absolutely nothing about — beautiful New Brunswick, New Jersey!   So, guess where we met for lunch?



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