I’m really tired of all the “feminists” out there who sent me emails complaining about the way I propped Sophia up in bed and made her pose on her sickbed.   Do you put down Picasso because of the way he used his muses for his artistic work? 

Frankly, I was disappointed in the photographs I took of Sophia yesterday.  Despite her being sick and shivering with fever, my intention was a “sexy” glamour shot, and although her hair looked good, I thought that her ragged old t-shirt was undermining my “vision.”   I believe it is a woman’s role to look good no matter how sick she feels.   Luckily, today I dressed her in more appropriate attire and directed her to give a more “sultry” look.   I am very proud of my work and fully expect this to be one of Flickr’s top photos of the day.


Isn’t she a good Samaritan for a separated sick wife?

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