Sometimes, I feel like a phony online.  There are just too many people out there, and my superficial interactions are not satisfying.  When I get in this mood, I think I should just focus on a niche — like only reading ultra-serious “writer” types who see their blogging as career-building.  My first instinct is always to drop the traditional mommybloggers out of my life.  What do I have in common with them?  Nothing.  If we met, what could we talk about?  Nothing. All they care about is their children.

But then I remember that half of the people who I love and admire — and enjoy — online are these exact types of mothers.  How did it turn out this way?

Gorillabuns is a blogger from Oklahoma.

She and her husband, Rich, are about to have their third child, and I am participating in this surprise baby shower  for her (yes, a baby shower!) along with —

I’ve never been to a baby shower before, so I am very excited.  Do we do anything really fun, like get naked or give each other sex toys?  This is my chance to learn.

Like with most bloggers, I don’t remember how I met Gorillabuns.  Probably through Ms. Sizzle.  Blogging creates weird blogfellows.  What I like most about Shana is that she is funny.  There is nothing sexier to a man than a funny woman.  Some of the best moments with Gorillabuns did not occur on our blogs, but in emails — we’ve had some amusing discussions about subjects such as marriage, her obsession with rock bands, and especially — juicy blogger gossip.

Why do we connect to one person and not another?  Is it random?  Timing?  Or does each individual have a unique spark that you either see or you don’t?

If I were to follow the advice of ProBloggers, I would not have befriended Gorillabuns.  She is not in my “niche.”  I’m not sure I  even want my manly Citizen of the Month “brand” to be associated with a bunch of girls involved in a surprise blogger baby shower.

But, you know what — if I was practical about using blogging for career advancement, I would have missed out on the friendship and humor of Gorillabuns, who is one of the coolest people I have met online.

Gorillabuns, may your birth be an easy one (you certainly are experienced already!) and your baby as beautiful as the rest of your family.