I’m trying an experiment.  The hope here, at the beginning of my ninth year of blogging,  is to take some of the enthusiasm that I bring to social media back to my blog.

I asked your advice on this subject a few weeks ago, and you overwhelmingly said that I should use my blog primarily as a writing platform, which means taking my time to craft quality essays that I would be proud to publish in a magazine.

Naturally, I heard what you said, and because I don’t respect you very much, I’m doing the opposite.

I’m going to write one thing on my blog every day.   At least until I decide this was a bad idea.  It will be random shit — something between a Facebook status update and a post. I will NOT be promoting it via social media.  It’s not fair to you to bug you every day with a new link.   I will simply make believe that I writing it for myself, even though — in all honesty — I do hope that you read it.

Don’t feel obligated to comment. I might even shut the comments off to discourage it. I realize that I risk alienating readers because of this, but frankly, since I make no money from this blog anyway, what have I got to lose?   Maybe I will start a revolution of us all returning back to our blogs and writing bad posts.   For ourselves.

I WILL be promoting my regular blog posts, which I hope will be more interesting that these asides.

Bear with me.  This is important to me.   I feel like a fraud moderating these BlogNow chats on Twitter where I talk about my love of blogging.

I’m taking my space back.

Warning: these asides will be random, usually whatever pops into my head before I go to sleep at night.  Like Doogie Howser.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

One Thing a Day #1 is up.