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One Thing a Day – Intro

I’m trying an experiment.  The hope here, at the beginning of my ninth year of blogging,  is to take some of the enthusiasm that I bring to social media back to my blog.

I asked your advice on this subject a few weeks ago, and you overwhelmingly said that I should use my blog primarily as a writing platform, which means taking my time to craft quality essays that I would be proud to publish in a magazine.

Naturally, I heard what you said, and because I don’t respect you very much, I’m doing the opposite.

I’m going to write one thing on my blog every day.   At least until I decide this was a bad idea.  It will be random shit — something between a Facebook status update and a post. I will NOT be promoting it via social media.  It’s not fair to you to bug you every day with a new link.   I will simply make believe that I writing it for myself, even though — in all honesty — I do hope that you read it.

Don’t feel obligated to comment. I might even shut the comments off to discourage it. I realize that I risk alienating readers because of this, but frankly, since I make no money from this blog anyway, what have I got to lose?   Maybe I will start a revolution of us all returning back to our blogs and writing bad posts.   For ourselves.

I WILL be promoting my regular blog posts, which I hope will be more interesting that these asides.

Bear with me.  This is important to me.   I feel like a fraud moderating these BlogNow chats on Twitter where I talk about my love of blogging.

I’m taking my space back.

Warning: these asides will be random, usually whatever pops into my head before I go to sleep at night.  Like Doogie Howser.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

One Thing a Day #1 is up.


  1. Blogging every day rules. You will hate it. And love it.

    • This will not feel like blogging every day. Blogging requires more thought and structure. I’m more thinking of more personal Facebook status updates. That we all do every day anyway.

  2. Interesting, as I’ve been toying with the same idea myself. I often have a little more than an status update and a lot less than a blog post rolling around in my head. However, I’m pretty sure I’m going to close comments on mine. I like this idea a lot for you – maybe more for you than for me! 😉 I like peeking inside your head. Also, I hate emoticons – I was just trying to seem friendly.
    Jenni Chiu @ MommyNaniBooboo posted Fervent Trusting Love.

  3. I tried this once. I participated in a River of Stones.

    I failed miserably.
    The Honourable Husband posted Sans Blanchisserie, Côte d’Azur

  4. I love it. I don’t think you should turn off comments though. If you’re going to take back your blog from social media you need a place for conversation to happen.
    annettek posted You know you need winter to end when…

  5. Comments matter. I’m not in favor of turning off the comments.
    V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios posted New babies, wedding plans, and a postscript

  6. “Naturally, I heard what you said, and because I don’t respect you very much, I’m doing the opposite.”
    This totally cracked me up.

    Glad you’re trying this experiment. I will stand back in my lab coat and be eager to observe your results. Unless I’m one of your guinea pigs, in which case I hope to provide you with some data to support your hypothesis. (Though, really, guinea pigs should be neutral.) (And really, as a scientist who works with human subjects, I should probably not refer to subjects as guinea pigs. I had a guinea pig as a pet once. It died. True story.)

    (An now I will go away.)
    alejna posted twisted mystery tree (friday foto finder: tree)

  7. I would last one entire day with this blogging every day thing. As a rule, I just don’t follow rules. They’re much more fun to break! Plus, since I’m in Mexico – my internet access is not only fickle, but it’s to limited. So I do try to do other neat stuff like play in the water and read on the beach. Oh and pelicans are such fun to observe…
    Marie Nicole posted Bread in the Oven – The Power of Smell

  8. This is going to open you up in ways you can’t even imagine right now, I’m guessing. Carry on!
    Jennifer posted Envy is the religion of the mediocre.

  9. I used to blog every day, until I had kids and they effed up my life (kidding….sort of. Effed it up in a wonderful way). I, for one, fully support you doing this. I think it’s awesome, and have missed reading blogs that are about just…whatever everyday nonsense or thoughts, etc. It seems like all the blogs I used to read that were like that have died or turned into more “focused” blogs with a Purpose and Sponsored Posts and etc, and I think that’s part of why I’ve also struggled with blogging bc I don’t see others just posting their random thoughts so then I feel weird posting mine. Which I’m trying to get over, and just writing. Because when it comes down to it I really like looking back and reading my random daily ramblings, and I know I’ll enjoy looking back on the random crap I’ll write today.

    So, kudos and good luck.
    Marcy posted yay sunshine

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