I know I am generalizing, but it’s my blog, so I’ll do it anyway, but there is a certain “brand” of person — usually a woman, but not necessarily so — who is into creativity, art, yoga, progressive issue, spirituality — who, for some reason, never clicks with me, or my personality, either online or off, and I wonder why.   (there are exceptions, Kate).  It isn’t the biggest issue in my life, but I wonder if I am perceived as too negative, sarcastic, loud, or anxious for these caring folk, and I don’t meld well with their ideals of beauty and zen.   Like I am a can of Schlitz in a wine bar.   Even on Instagram, where I don’t say a word, when I get unfollowed by someone — chances are it is a woman who takes beautiful photos of the vegetable garden behind her Seattle loft.  I like vegetables, too!   I feel like I’m being misjudged.  Or do the truly spiritual and artistic souls of the world feel my angst and are afraid of it?

(note:  read the previous post where I explain what I am doing with this)