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As I mentioned on Facebook earlier,  I was walking home from my first ever check-up at the dermatologist (no problems, yay!), when I passed Lincoln Center and I noticed a group of people taking photos.  I had no idea that it was Fashion Week.

Some guy asks me, “Are you a fashion blogger?”

“Well, sort of,” I answered, figuring I needed a post for this week’s micro-blog Monday.  (I did recently blog about my new jeans, right?)


  1. Sisters From Another Mister

    They will be calling … right place, right time, is all one needs for a break 😉

  2. Tiff

    Right place, right time, right guy. Nicely done!

  3. The Honourable Husband

    Did you talk to any of the subjects? Do that (and get the names of the designers right) and you could land an insider gig.

  4. kenju

    I suspect you did as well with these photos as any other photographer did. Well done! And I love the sunglasses in the 3rd pic.

  5. Kizz

    Oh those shoes!

  6. Michele

    The woman with the skull necklace. She is the bomb diggity.

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