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The Password Again

Was doing a little reading online this afternoon, until it started to feel like I was falling down a hole. So many choices of material, so many people, so many voices. Maybe that’s why people do zen meditation using one word. It’s enough. It says it all. But then you have to pick that one word. And which word? Omm? Life? Love? Sex? Her name? That name I say to myself over and over when I dream and feel her against my skin. We’re back to the password again. Asking for the password. Getting up and asking for the password.


  1. Jules

    I completely understand about the password thing – sounds just like me. Did you ever get that elusive password?

  2. leila

    the exponential number of things to read is why i restrict myself to a very few subjects (which end up being interrelated anyway) … but then i have to guard against monomania?

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