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The NY Mets vs. My Feet


On Tuesday, I went to see the Mets play the Atlanta Braves. Since the Mets are 25 games out of first place, long-ago eliminated from winning their division, I was able to get a ticket for 96 cents on StubHub. The Mets lost the game 3-1.

The next day, I wrote a post about the Mets. As if their loss to the Braves and the 96 cent ticket price weren’t humiliation enough, my post was the least read post in six months, with half the amount of readers than the DAY BEFORE, and comments that mostly talked about my beautiful “family” in the photo, and the lovely video of my “daughter.” I had to beg on Twitter for people to comment on the post because it was so embarrassing, especially after Robert, the friend who I went with to the game, sent me an email, wondering if the low amount of comments was because my readers hated his guts.  I told him it was not because of him.  It was because of the Mets.

Had the Mets hit a new low?

As an experiment to see if the Mets have indeed reached their lowest depths, I would like to see if I can create more interest with a photo of my feet than yesterday’s post about the Mets?  Can my feet beat the New York Mets?



  1. Angi

    I feel obligated to make your feet more popular than the Mets. I really don’t like feet, but still obligated.
    Love your tweets, keep ’em coming

  2. bon

    see, i can say a lot more about feet than about baseball in general. (um, Mets are baseball, yes?)

    your feet are narrow. my baseball conversational abilities, narrower.

  3. songbird

    on the other hand, I’ve been reading you for months now, but your Mets post yesterday was the first time I actually made a comment.

    As for the Mets’ season….all I have to say is yitgadal v’yitkadash….

  4. Heather

    is there a way to unretweet a link to this post. ick!

    I love the Mets! Robert is awesome! ….now put away your feet!

  5. A Vapid Blonde

    Did you know that a longer first toe is a sign of intelligence? You have very smart feet.

  6. Natalie


    And calm it on down about the lack of traffic. Some days I think people have nothing to say. Its all good. You’re still a great writer, person, etc.

  7. witchypoo

    Going now to comment on the Mets post.

  8. Twenty Four At Heart

    You have very big feet. That makes me wonder …?

  9. Juli Ryan

    I noticed the longer first toe, too.

  10. 180/360

    This is a prime example of why people should not feel obligated to post everyday. Forget the Mets! Has Citizen of the Month hit an all-time low? 🙂

  11. CarlaDelvex

    erm… you should have hired a foot model. xo

  12. flutter

    Feet are of the devil. not just yours, but all feet.


  13. jess

    you need to photoshop sexier feet.

  14. cardiogirl

    (Violently rubs her eyes with her fists)

    Um feet are not cool. Like Flutter said, they’re just no good.

    Well, they are useful in everyday life, but, like children, they should (not) be seen and not heard. Hmm. can’t hear feet so that cliche doesn’t work.

    I can’t come up with a good cliche. Please don’t post photos of your feet again.

    However, that photo did prompt me to comment, so I guess you achieved your goal.

    Please don’t make me comment again, though.

  15. Tuck

    What pants are those?

  16. CarlaDelvex

    I smell a subliminal message.

    *raises arms zombie like* I’m off to Walmart to buy some grandpa pyjamas…on the way I might stop at the all-you-can-eat…

  17. Heather

    I am totally wearing those same pants right now. Your feet are very vein-y. That is all.

  18. Neil

    Heather- my feet are not vein-y. They are beautiful! So, there.

  19. Heather

    Do I get absolution since I sent you a picture of my feet? Forgiveness at least?

  20. Dana

    Gosh, Neil. The first thing I thought of was, “Those look like comfy pants.” I wasn’t grossed out by your feet at all. But the other thing, which seems pretty obvious, is that the rest of us are all really well entertained watching the Yanks and the Red Sox.

  21. Staceylt

    How many people have sent you photos of their feet since this posted?
    I don’t have anything against feet in general, but toenails are my number one gross-out. If I trim someone’s toenails, even one of my children, I will vomit. I don’t even do my own when Randy is here.

  22. carma

    have you given any thought to becoming a foot model?

  23. threeboys1mommy

    Not a fan of man feet, except maybe David’s, you know Michelangelo’s David but not the one in Florence, the fake one at Antonio’s in Rancho Cucamonga.

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