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Words Cannot

Words cannot capture the energy I feel around me, all the time.

But I do not believe in those things. I cannot. I am a skeptic. I do not believe in ghosts or talking to the dead. I do not believe in astrology. Psychics are frauds, as are county fair hypnosists. No one loses control and starts squawking like a chicken within five minutes time. I will not squawk like a chicken for you. I am controlled and logical and organized, like my writing.

A memory. I am drinking my first bottle of Coke. I am ten. I have only had Coke in an aluminum can or in a paper cup from the pizza joint. A Cuban woman gives me a Coke in a bottle. It is so cold and the glass bottle feels so adult in my tiny hands, and I gulp it down like a beer, like a man, and I enjoy that carbonation burn in my throat. I want to have that sensation again. That time of youthful pleasure before I retreated behind the safety of words, of abstractions.

I’d much rather play my guitar for you, than write. If only I could. I would be on stage, the quiet light beaming onto my face, and I could finally be myself, floating on waves of melody, free of the rules of stern, bespectacled English grammar. Words are like stale bread, or an old man in a wheelchair waiting for the silence. Music can kiss you on the lips or fuck you.

Words cannot capture the energy I feel around me, all the time.


  1. Marry D

    Words can capture a lot for me, when & if I find the right words. ~Mary

  2. Michele

    Wild, sexy, fun writing, Neil. Delicious.

  3. SciFi Dad

    so you REALLY love the internet, huh?

  4. maggie, dammit

    Seems to me ýou just bent that bespectacled bitch over your knee, Neil.

  5. Finn


  6. Jane

    I liked this post very much, and ditto to what Maggie said.

  7. amy

    I love it when you write about things you feel.

  8. ingrid

    xo to you for this loveliness.

  9. Momo Fali

    You may not think you capture the energy, but I just tasted that Coke.

  10. Miss Grace

    I love this.

  11. LoLa

    I like this, too. And I’m not even a mommy blogger.

  12. Annie

    Neil, I am not sure to go with this and say I am happy that you are feeling so much energy, or tell you that I think you are full of it :-), I can’t tell if you are serious or not? I hope so. And if you are, go with it. xoxo

  13. churlita

    It is so refreshing when men write about the things they feel. Awesome post.

  14. Jane

    For you, Neil

  15. Dana Austin

    Mwah! Loved this.

  16. Paige Jennifer

    In a word, yum!

  17. followthatdog

    My favorite post of yours ever. even more than the talking penis. really.

  18. RD

    I think what keeps me coming back to your blog is the amazing variety of writing you do, Neil. You’ve come close to mastering so many different styles and voices. It makes me a bit schizophrenic at times, but it’s intriguing. This was so succinct, precise and full of imagery–I loved it!

  19. flutter

    This is beautiful, truly. capture that energy. nam-myoho-renge-kyo

  20. Wendy

    Seems to me that I hear strumming… It’s coming from your words dude.

  21. Monica

    This is why I read your blog.

  22. Sarcastic Mom

    You’d quickly get bored and frustrated that no one understood what you were trying to say with your music.

    Of course, the groupies are a plus.

    Please do not get so frustrated that you add auto play music to your blog, though. I would have to murder you for that.


  23. debra

    Loved this! I’ve been back three times to read it again and again. It is sparking inspiration in me, I can feel it.

  24. Akaky

    Your mother doesnt read the blodge anymore?! Say it ain’t so!

  25. Nat

    Ohmydearlord this was lovely.

  26. Chris

    It’s not fair. Words intoxicate me as much as music does, but you’re right. It’s not fair.

  27. liv

    2nd chakra. I insist.

  28. Venus

    I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with you when you write posts like this but it’s brilliant. The undercurrent of passion. Love it.

  29. Venus

    Of course, it could all be a game and you could be laughing at us with this.

  30. Lee of MWOB

    Your words are awesome but being more of a music chick, I have to agree with you. Music grooving all around my soul does it for me way more than cool words in my head. But that doesn’t mean your words don’t kick ass. Cause they do.

  31. p.huong

    You play guitar? Very hot.

  32. LiteralDan

    So, it seems from some of the comments above, as long as you write ABOUT music, then even mere words can fuck you.

    You really get around, don’t you?

  33. Corina

    Lovely. Simply lovely. Words often elude me, but I go on, trying, stumbling to capture the energy, the feeling. You. Well, after this post, my ears are a-buzz.

  34. here today, gone tomorrow


  35. leah

    what on earth good thing can i say that hasn’t been said?

    i could make up a word, how about that? spectacularis.

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