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Third Post of the Day About the Bras

As some of you may notice, my last two posts have mysteriously disappeared.

(I just put them back. Some of you took the time to comment and it seems rude to take the posts down now)

In case you are just tuning into this channel, it is my birthday on Friday and I took it upon myself to ask some unusual requests, like asking for photos of your bras, not necessarily on you, or retro photos of bra advertisements.

But maybe it isn’t appropriate right now for my to be living my fantasy life so thoroughly online, considering my unsteady situation at home. I don’t want to look like a jerk or make you feel uncomfortable about Sophia, some of you who know her. The truth is — I was feeling needy at the time, the way most of us do before our birthday.

Another issue: maybe it isn’t very classy to ASK you for any photos. I don’t want to make anyone feel obligated, as if I would actually treat you any better because of it.

I guess I just want that same feeling of wow-ness, love, and affection that I felt last year on my birthday, when Sophia and Danny helped set up that amazing birthday for me, and so many of you were involved. There’s really no way to top that, even with bras.

I still look at the artwork I received, most of it near or over my desk. I still wear the t-shirts that tout your cities across the country. I don’t want to lie to Elisabeth, though. I’m still on book 1 of the Proust series that she send me. I’ll make it through the rest of the series, I promise… some day. Or at least see the movie.

For now, a happy birthday email or comment on Friday is more than enough for me.

When I move out, and feel lonely — then the bra photos will be MORE THAN WELCOME.

I know this whole thing is probably coming off as incredibly self-absorbed, but think of it as an insight into the modern urban male’s psyche and you’ll feel better about it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s “Bra Trilogy.”


  1. Marge

    You don’t have to second guess yourself so much. If you post something and it says how you feel at the moment that’s ok. You have too many readers to try to make all of them happy all of the time. And about Sophia, it’s noble that you are concerned about her feelings but I have to think that she knows your vulnerabilities and fantasies and is no stranger to this side of you.
    Deigeh nisht!
    hakuna matata!

  2. sizzle

    It’s your birthday. You GET to be self-indulgent and you should get showered with affection. Sometimes nothing says “I like you” like a bra photo. 😉

  3. aka_monty

    Hey man, what happens on the internet STAYS on the internet. 😉
    I would have to buy a new bra before I sent a picture of it, and I’m afraid I just won’t have time to stop by Vickie’s Secret before Friday.
    But I will wish you a slap-happy birthday then, nonetheless. 😀

  4. miguelina

    Happy birthday! (I know it’s a bit early, but I don’t care)

  5. MammaLoves

    Shoot! Now I guess I won’t be able to ask for videos of you all singing me happy birthday at the end of the month. Killjoy!

  6. Annika

    So, wait — you don’t want pictures of my milk-stained nursing bras?

  7. Neil

    Just by coincidence, I notice that my first “favorite post” on my sidebar is titled “Feel the Bra.”

  8. piglet

    so what if it comes off as “self-absorbed”, it’s YOUR blog and you can self absorb if you want too 🙂

    i’m sending you an early happy birthday and hey! did you know you are a pisces?!

  9. V-Grrrl

    Maybe the protesters could send photos of burning bras…

  10. natalie

    this whole trilogy has me laughing. i’m sure you’ve seen this site…but just in case you haven’t here is a link to olga, the traveling bra’s website…all the pictures you could ever want of a bra just hanging out!

  11. Neil

    natalie — never saw that before. It’s great!

  12. natalie

    glad to introduce you to it! and happy birthday!

  13. steppingoverthejunk

    I love that you asked for bra pictures! I love your honesty and quirkiness. xoxo

  14. Elisabeth

    Neil – First of all, I will never forget your birthday, because it was my father’s birthday – had he lived this long, he would be turning 88 on March 7.

    I found you through your “Feel the Bra” post, which I still think is one of the most brilliant pieces I have ever read online.

    I would probably never send you a photo of my bra or (God forbid!) a photo of me in my bra, but I liked the bra pics request post.

    Finally, I will soon begin my third reading of that Proust saga. I think we should have a contest as to who finishes it first… (I had a very tough time finishing it the first time!)

  15. Marney

    There is nothing more sexy than an assertive man just saying what he wants. I didn’t think your request was out of line. Indulge and enjoy your b-day!

  16. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    ABBA for you.

    Happy birthday.

  17. Pearl

    I think you have more selling skills than me. Still wonder if I can get male readers to email me photos of their bulgy bits…hm….happy place… 🙂

  18. Stacey

    Neil, I think what you actually need is a hug. If I weren’t on the wrong coast, I’d give you one.

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