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A Day After my “Power Corrupts Everyone ” post —

CEO of friendly neighborhood organic market, Whole Foods, writes anonymous attacks against its smaller rival, Wild Oats, hoping to ruin their stock prices.


  1. LVGurl

    Oh, I’m using this as an example of IRONY for my future ninth grade English students. Organic, health “friendly” market run by a big, mean bully.

  2. sizzle

    oh sweet irony!

  3. Killer

    As long as his negative comments were organic and don’t come from China, they are okay.

  4. Midlife Mommy

    Desperation perhaps? I prefer Wild Oats anyway. well, not really, but I’ll try to shop Wild Oats now.- oh wait. it won’t matter. Whole Foods will own them.

  5. Bryna

    Your company sucks! How much to buy it?

    Great, love it…

  6. sputnik

    Idiotic–until recently in our town, we only had a smallish Wild Oats, and everyone loves it. A year or so ago a huge Whole Foods moved in. I went in exactly twice. It’s nothing but an outrageously overpriced glam shop for faux-organic hipsters, and not everyone loves it, especially those whose residential neighborhood was compromised by its construction; in fact, I hear a lot of badmouthing. I would take Wild Oats any day, but apparently won’t have the choice soon. Too bad they’re going out. My choice will be to avoid.

  7. brettdl

    I’m not really me. I’m the CEO of G.E.

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