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Two Live Reports from JFK


From Wired:

DANGER ROOM Editor Noah Shachtman is at JFK airport in New York where there’s been a security breach that’s thrown terminal three into chaos. Gotta love the wild ‘n crazy world of TSA, where security breaches mean you trap all the passengers in an enclosed area, leaving them completely vulnerable.

Anyhow, as Noah reports:

I’m at New York’s JFK airport, waiting to catch a flight to Los Angeles. And there’s been a major security breach here at the Delta terminal, number three.

According to TSA workers, someone ran through the security checkpoint, maybe an hour ago. No one has been allowed to pass through, since. There must be a thousand people here who can’t get on their flights.

The TSA workers have no idea what’s going on — “We know as much as you,” one told me.

Passengers are generally calm. But that could change, quick. Passengers in the “sterile areas” were just told to “evacuate the building.”

From Citizen of the Month:

Elaine Kramer, mother of blogger Neil, is at JFK airport, stuck on a Delta Airlines plane, sitting somewhere between the runway and the terminal, having just returned to NY after Passover. Since no planes can leave, no passengers can deplane.

Anyhow, as Neil’s mother reports:

“We had to fly around for an extra hour, but everyone was very nice and brought us an extra round of soda and potato chips.”


  1. Dagny

    Ummm. The TSA workers know nothing? I feel reassured.

  2. churlita

    At least your mom has a great attitude. I’m sure if it were me, all I’d do was swear.

  3. Pearl

    If this scene is for real, your mom’s a riot…and a real lady.
    She should be a spokeswoman for all airlines, using this same speech, whenever there are major delays with airplanes.

  4. Neil

    Truth quotient — 95%

  5. V-Grrrl

    A Passover week to remember…

    I can just see your mom suggesting the flight attendants lead everyone in a singalong or moderate a lively discussion of American Idol finalists.

  6. Hilly

    LOL – you have a truth quotient…awesome.

    Your Mom sounds very easy-going and fun!

  7. girl and dog

    Ahhh!!! Your country’s really going to hell in a handbasket.

  8. Karl

    Ah, well, if they’re going to give out potato chips, that totally makes up for it.

  9. You can call me, 'Sir'

    “The TSA workers have no idea what’s going on — “We know as much as you,” one told me.”

    Truly Inspiring. This is why I’m moving to the north coast of Scotland. The people and the views are lovely and dumbass-ery is niether encouraged nor tolerated. TSA, much like it’s parent (The Office of Homeland Security) is the ultimate example of the self-licking ice cream cone….something that exists purely for it’s own satisfaction.

  10. Roberta

    I love your mother.

  11. Blitz Krieg

    Extra free chips and soda? How do I get on! Must be part of the new passenger’s bill of rights. A soda and hour and no where to deposit it once the tank for the bathroom is full.

  12. Two Roads

    Let’s see how nice your Mom is when they deny her access to the bathroom to relieve herself and they tell her no one can move from their seat because it poses a danger. Geeeeeeez!

    Anyway, she really had an interesting trip. Did you find a new place?

  13. fringes

    A truth quotient. I never thought about exposing mine for each post. But that takes so much fun out of writing them. Just for kicks: I hover around 55 percent.

  14. LisaBinDaCity

    Delta @ JFK is one of the worst places EVER. I have been stuck there several times in the last year, and it is so poorly run it’s almost a bad joke. As I have only had miserable experiences at JFK via Delta, you can guess where I’m putting the blame.

    I’m glad your Mother is well though!

  15. Mr. Fabulous

    I had no idea soda and chips were so soothing…

  16. Margaret

    which part is true? were the people on the plane actually nice? did they actually hand out nuts, not potato chips?

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