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Only in LA


Carly has reminded me to stop by the LA Blogger Garage Sale tomorrow.   And since half of the participants seem to be drag queens, you never know what type of cool underwear will be sold there! 

Yes, Mom, blogging HAS opened up my world to all new types of people!


  1. anne

    What a fantastic idea…!

  2. kapgar

    I so desperately wanted to go to this. But that whole distance thing makes it rather, er, difficult. Not a fun commute, Chicago to LA.

  3. Jody

    Neil, when is your birthday? If it’s passed, we can always do this for Hannukkah. I think we should send you undies from around the globe which you could then display. We could then judge the best and the worst in two categories – first category would be unworn and second category would be as seen on you! What do you think? Could be lots of fun. (Now that I’m thinking we might need a category for anyone who sends you undies virtually because they might not want to depart with their beloved undies.)

  4. Tara

    A blogger garage sale sounds perfect, since we’re all airing our dirty laundry anyway.

  5. Wendy

    Oh man! Why do all the fun things happen…..elsewhere!? Gotta love it!!

  6. Brandon

    I think I just found my excuse for not helping someone move. Whoopee!!! Long live the Blogger Garage Sale!


    It all comes down to underwear in the end.

  8. Mr. Fabulous

    Wow, what an awesome idea. Hey, pick me up a coupla thongs, okay? I’ll totally pay you back…

  9. chantel

    I guess this is when it would suck to be a minimalist?
    I really need to quit throwing things away.

  10. mckay

    LOL… my neighborhood is having a 40 house garage sale next weekend. i don’t even know my neighbors’ names, much less if they blog. i’d come check it out, but i’ve got too much stuff i need to get rid of. that happens when you downsize from 5k to a 1k house. yuck.

    i was thinking of providing krispy kremes, but liquor sounds so much better.

    too funny.

  11. Carly

    And not just underwear, Margaret – sequined uderwear! And unused, even!

  12. modigli

    I love it – what a cool freakin idea! That is my kind of event. 🙂

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