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Bad Name for a Prison

From today’s LA Tmes:

Two suspected murderers and a suspected child molester escaped Saturday from the San Diego County jail on Otay Mesa near the Mexican border, officials said.

The three escaped from the recreation yard at George Bailey Detention Facility on Alta Road and were seen running into bushes in an adjacent canyon. Several law enforcement agencies were involved in the search.

Couldn’t they come up with a better name for a major California prison?  The only George Bailey I know:


  1. Alison

    That’s like the Mister Rogers Facility For Troubled Youth or something.

  2. cruisin-mom

    Where’s Bert and Ernie when you need them.
    (okay, let’s see how much of a fan of the movie you really are Neil. I bet Danny would get this in a heartbeat)

  3. Dagny

    This is someone’s idea of a joke, isn’t it? I mean if I was naming prisons, I’d try to come up with some funny names.

  4. circe

    Neil, that is hilarious! I love the names they come up with for serious structures.

    I’m trying to think of some examples I know but I’m coming up empty at the moment…

  5. Neil

    Cruisin — That question was so easy, it’s laughable. Who hasn’t seen this movie 500 times?

  6. Bre

    Warden says, “Every time a bell rings, a convict gets his parole papers!”

  7. Kevin

    Bre’s comment is perfect!

  8. cruisin-mom

    Hey Big Shot…you didn’t answer the question (no googling)

  9. Dagny

    ROFL at Bre’s comment.

  10. maribeth

    At least George took care of locking up the riffraff of Bedford Falls. In Pottersville, the mayor led an army of criminals, who wreaked havoc and terrorized law-abiding citizens just for fun! You see, George really had a wonderful life.

  11. better safe than sorry

    you need to do some research and find out if that’s who it’s named after. that just not right.

  12. Bill

    Good heavens … the George Bailey Detention Facility? Next we’ll have the Colin Farrell School of Etiquette.

  13. Denise

    No need for Internet research! George Bailey was one of our County Supervisors when the jail was built and dedicated…and they named it after him. (Not sure that’s a honor I’d be excited about.)

  14. Richard

    It was originally called the “You’ll Be Spending Christmas In JAIL, George Bailey!” Detention Facility. Built by Potter Contracting. Dead inmates buried in Potter’s Field. Self-supporting; the inmates sold little statues of Napoleon to aspiring robber barons. Classes in embezzlement prepared the male convicts for life back in Pottersville; classes in pole dancing (40 Beautiful Girls 40!) for the female convicts. Every year, the oldest convict received the “Warped, Frustrated Old Man Award.” Before the dedication, they found the Governor pronounced it “Grisd-mas”and shortened the name.

  15. dan

    I spent six weeks in Bailey (alias THUNDERDOME) two men enter one man leaves, the prison is named after the contractor who built the jail and later was himself a murderer. Isnt it ironic.. dont ya think?

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