In the last ten years, has there been anything as scary as the introduction of the Furby, that ugly electronic hairy toy?

When it first came out,  consumers were going crazy over it, almost as if the Furby’s large hypnotic eyes was brainwashing people into wanting to buy it — some desperate mothers even waiting in line at Sears for hours.  Eventually, the Furby hysteria waned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the American military took an interest in the Furby’s evil powers. 

Nonsense?  Ridiculous?  Just look at last week’s New York Times’ wedding announcements.

Amanda Dawn Shiffman, the daughter of Carol and Roger A. Shiffman of Highland Park, Ill., is to be married today to Charles Harris Carol, the son of Rita and Barry Carol of Aberdeen, N.J. Rabbi Jonathan Magidovitch is to officiate at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago.

The bride’s father is a founder and president of Tiger Electronics, which made Furby and other toys.   The bridegroom was until this month an intelligence officer conducting satellite imagery analysis at the Washington Navy Yard for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency of the Defense Department.

Is this a marriage of love or a meeting of the military/industrial complex?  

Mazel tov to the Shiffman-Carols, but the rest of us should be very afraid of what this marriage might mean for the United States and the world.