A couple of months ago, there was a meme going around titled “What I Believe.”  It was cool to read about your strongly-held beliefs.  I wanted to participate, but I didn’t, and I remember that it bothered me that I couldn’t come up with a list of beliefs.  I’m pretty wishy-washy.  Sophia always makes fun of me, saying that whenever someone opposes something I say on my blog, I immediately run to apologize in my comments.

I’m working on this in therapy.   So, be prepared for me to be more stubborn and obnoxious as I get healthier. 

Today, I’ve come one step closer. I surprised myself. I am close to coming up with a strong Belief #1.  I’m not sure how to phrase this belief yet, but I think it has something to do with wanting opportunities open to as many people as possible — even if it goes against the norm of the day.   That Pete Seeger documentary on PBS reminded me of all the hard struggles of the civil rights movement, as well as those of women and gays fighting to be accepted as equals. (see yesterday’s post)

Isn’t that a belief?

Anyway, let’s change the subject completely for a sec —

Tonight I was feeling a little frisky, so I went on YouTube to find something that might catch my eye.  I’m not a connoisseur of plain ol’ pornography, which I’ve always found boring.  Who wants to watch another couple have sex?  It’s like watching another person enjoying an ice cream cone.   What do you get out of it?  No, my stimulation is something more like watching a woman shaking her stuff while belly dancing!  Now, as I was exploring, I accidentally stumbled across the videos of Tito Seif, Egypt’s most famous male belly dancer.  I became totally distracted from my original salacious goal.   I was totally intrigued.   I had no idea that men belly danced!   In Wikipedia, I discovered that male belly dancing is controversial in many traditional circles, where it is considered a female art, but some men are pushing the boundaries.

Are you seeing how these two extraneous topics are going to tie together — What I Believe In and male belly dancing?   I believe in opening up opportunities.   If men want to belly dance, I say GO FOR IT!   Why should women have all the fun! Why shouldn’t a man be able to woo a bunch of women with the shaking of his hips? I hope you will join me in supporting male belly dancers around the world.

Check out the video that I embedded on top.  I think belly dancing looks fun, and it is probably very good exercise.  It looked pretty sexy, too. (Men, there is also a hot babe in the video, so stop complaining)