(photos by Lawrence K. Ho/LAT)

Let’s admit it.   We all want to hang out with the hipsters.  To be where the cool people are. 

Even the stodgy LA Times.  Why else would the Los Angeles Times do a Page One story yesterday on Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter, a blogger famous for taking photos of hipsters at cool parties and posting them on his website, The Cobra Snake?

With evident glee, Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter bypasses a long door line and climbs the steps to the packed upstairs level of the Hollywood club Cinespace, his digital Canon D20 camera at his side.

As soon as Hunter and his two female friends are in, hipsters in the crowd reach out to greet him, call out his name, give him high-fives. Hunter is frenetically taking pictures, complimenting strangers on their outfits, searching for the next shot almost before he finishes the first.

It makes the Los Angeles Times look as cool as Sergeant Friday did when he ‘got down’ with the ‘hippies’ in one of the old Dragnet episodes.


Let’s admit it.  We all want to hang out with the hipsters.  To be where the cool people are. 

Even young music producer Jonny Kops.   For years, Jonny has dreamed of hitting it big.  Sure it’s a tough biz, but if he makes the right connections, goes to the right parties, gets his name out there…

Jonny is at the hip Cinespace when Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter bursts in with his Canon D20.  Daniel Hernandez, Times Staff writer, is following their every move:

It is nearing midnight on a typical Tuesday for the city’s most sought after self-made party photographer.

"I’ve met you before, I met you at that party. What was it? The Diesel party?" Hunter asks Jonny Kops, a 25-year-old Brooklyn music producer standing against a wall holding a beer.

Hunter is already snapping his portrait.

"He’s all over the place," Kops says after Hunter disappears to look for another shot. "He’s the Ron Jeremy of photography," a reference to the famously homely porn star.


Jonny Kops is proud of his witty comment.   He ponders his new found fame.

"Things are going to change now.  I’m gonna be in the LA Times.  Every hipster in town is gonna know my name."

He smiles at a cute blond with fake boobs, who runs past him, waving to Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter.

"Take my photo!  Take my photo!  Please!"  she  screams.

Jonny Kops takes a sip of his beer.  Jonny laughs to himself.

"Soon, the women will be running after me.   Once my name is in the paper, every female blogger is gonna wanna fuck me.  Jonny Kops.  Remember that name.  Jonny Kops."


In today’s LA Times (in small print):