From now on, I only write about manly things like football, cars,  and the aerospace industry on Citizen of the Month.  When I look up my RSS feed on Bloglines, I noticed for the first time that you can search Blogline‘s "related feeds."  I assumed that this means that these blogs are similar to mine in content or attitude.

And guess what?  Let’s just say the results were similar to how your Tivo will recommend every gay show on TV if you watch "Queer Eye" too many times.

My main related feeds include:

A vegetarian blog:  Veg Blog.

Seventeen knitting blogs including Naive Knitting Blog.

Seven crafts blogs including Mama Unraveled 2.

A blog about "knitting, sewing, baking, and other stuff":  Super Eggplant.

A female artist who make bird sculpturesA Bird in the Hand.

Not very manly stuff.  The really scary thing is that I spend hours reading these terrific blogs and being amazed at the beautiful objects these women made.

Uh… hey, did anyone see the Detroit-San Antonio game tonight?    Great game, right?!    The Piston’s are gonna win it!    

Though I thought the uniforms of the Spurs were better designed and sewn together.