from New York Social Diary:

“The American Association lit up the night, displaying close to $6 Million in colored gemstones at an event to celebrate their annual Spectrum Awards, which also raised over $11,000 for Project Renewal. Project Renewal’s mission is to renew the lives of New York City’s homeless by helping them return to self-sufficient life in the community.

Chessy Wilson [center] chose to top her Burberry dress with an 18K white gold necklace by Ziad Noshie, featuring eleven freshwater pearls and diamonds and a white gold “Ariel” ring by Bradley Dean Weber, featuring graduated Akoya pearls accented with diamonds.

[The event was held] in a secret downtown loft- where security was tight due to the jewels- 350 elegant juniors partied till midnight.”


(any better, Tatyana?)

(Personal Note: I’m in New York for a couple of weeks and my mother only has dial-up. My wireless is also having trouble so I can’t go to Starbucks for wi-fi as of yet. So, my blogging is very SLOW. Bloglines takes forever just to come on. So, I apologize if I don’t visit your blog as often this week. Does anyone know a way to download all your RSS feeds offline?

Mostly, I hate to miss out on all the soap operas of your lives. So, don’t feel shy to email to tell me that something exciting is going on it your lives and that I can’t miss your new post — a divorce, a baby, a threesome, or if you have discovered a cure for the common cold. Please don’t email me if you post is about your cats (Laurie, Ashbloem, Jenny) or a meme about your favorite songs of the 80’s.)

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