Until today, I have only received one trophy.  One year, I was on the winning Little League team.  It was an undeserved trophy.  I played right field, and only one ball came to me all season, which I dropped.  My batting average was .100, which I remember because I thought it was good, like getting a 100 in a test.

Today in the mail, I received the most beautiful trophy I’ve ever seen.   Thank you, Heather Anne and voters of the 2006 Hoagie Blog Awards.   Whenever I have doubts about why I am wasting so much time blogging with a bunch of strangers, I can look at this trophy and understand what it all means.

Along with the trophy, Heather sent me a package of delicious jelly beans, which Sophia and I ate in three minutes, and a crisp one dollar bill.  With that one dollar, I will buy a California lottery ticket later today.  If I win, I will share it with everyone on my blogroll — a group I care so deeply about — (after taking off a 10% handling fee, taxes, and a 20% penalty from anyone who has gotten on my nerves recently).

Thanks!  Remember, tomorrow is the Second Annual “Thank Your First Commenter Day.”