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Make Believe

The Boyfriend Trouser — for the woman who doen’t have a boyfriend, but wants to make believe she does.

The Nike Cap — For the couch potato who doesn’t play golf like Tiger Woods, but wants to make believe he does.

The Leather Jacket — for the person who isn’t tough, but wants to make believe he is.

Friendster — for the person who doesn’t have any friends, but wants to make believe she does.

Technorati — for the person who isn’t important, but wants to make believe he is.

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Microsoft Word: The Movie

Now that the Friendster movie that was discussed a year ago in Defamer finally has the go-ahead with Harold Ramis and Topher Grace aboard…

Grace plays a character looking for love while navigating technology such as instant messaging, camera phones and Internet porn.   (from

…Hollywood is abuzz with storielines based on other internet and software applications.  This is the ideaI time for me to dust off my old "Microsoft Word" script.

In this urbane Manhattan-based romantic comedy, set in the exciting and sexy world of book publishing, two strong-headed associate editors, one male and one female, find romance as they work together to stop web addresses in Microsoft Word documents from automatically turning into hyperlinks.

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