Recent Conversation:

Woman:  So, do you know Danny from work?

Neil:  No, I met him through my blog.   And did you work with Danny?

Woman:  No, no.  I work at UCLA.  I manage their career center.

Neil:  Oh, really?  So, how’s the job market this year?

Woman:  Really good.  But I’m always talking to the students about their blogs.

Neil:  Why’s that?

Woman:  Well, several companies have rescinded their offers of employment because they Googled some students’ names and found all sorts of salacious and immature material on their blogs. 

Neil:  Well, they’re just young students!  That doesn’t seem fair…

Woman:  Even so.  Companies want responsible employees.  They consider the employee to be the "face of the company."   You can’t imagine some of the ridiculous stuff these students publish on their blogs.  And then these kids put their REAL NAME out there.  Don’t they realize that every HUMAN RESOUCE department Googles a prospective employee’s name?!

Neil:  Hmmm…  (thinking:  This woman has small, but nicely-shaped tits).

Woman:  …but these are mostly stupid blogs of kids, not intelligent material like Danny’s… and yours.  What did you say your blog was named again?  I’d like to take a look…?

Neil:  Arts and Letters Daily