When I sell a script or win a Nobel Prize, don’t congratulate me.  I don’t need your praise to have achieved these goals.  I would have done them anyway.   Besides, I will have just won the Nobel Prize!  What do I need YOU for?

When I succeed in something, I hope to be mocked.  Not hateful mocking, but amusing mocking.  I don’t want to get a big head.

Anyone just lose their job?  We should be praising YOU rather than someone who just landed a big deal.  We need to help you booster your confidence!  We have our priorites all wrong.

Today, I picked up a discarded Coke can that I found on the street and threw it into the trash can.  I would like to be congratulated on that action.   Is this why people believe in God?   So they feel rewarded for doing good?   Otherwise, why do it?   I’m iffy on the God thing, so I feel the urge to tell you instead.

Would anyone read a blog post about me picking up a can from the street?  Or does it seem like someone crying for attention?  And so what?  People are always blabbing on about stuff they are doing, parties they attended, or getting named as one of the Ten Best Blogger.  Why not tell you that I picked up a Coke can this morning and helped save the planet?

Honestly.  Which is a better and more impressive marketing line — Neilochka: One of the Ten Best Bloggers in the Universe or Neilochka: He picks up discarded cans!

Do you praise your child for helping the old woman across the street as much as winning the spelling bee?

Did anyone do anything today worthy of congratulations?