2008 was a difficult year for me.   My personal life was chaotic and, in my opinion, my blog wasn’t that good this year.   Thanks for continuing to read Citizen of the Month.  I know there are 700 billion other blogs out there to read.   I consider your input and comments as much a part of each post as my own writing.

I went through my archives and chose the posts that best exemplified the events of my life during 2008.

Citizen of the Month 2008

Things fall apart with Sophia
(“The Last Few Days,” February 2008)

I go to a therapist
(“Therapy is Making Me Into a Humorless Twit,” March 2008)

I become obsessed with women’s bras
(A Birthday Chick Lit Tale:  The Royal Bra, March 2008)

I think about retreating to New York City for a bit
(“A Five Minute Long Wild Sex Comedy,” April 2008)

I DO retreat to New York City
(“Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing,” June 2008)

Relatives visit us in Queens
The Wrong Apartment 1H,” June 2008)

My plans to attend BlogHer are screwed up by Dockers and JCPenney
(“My Conversation with TLC Marketing Customer Service,” July 2008)

I create an imaginary BlogHim in NY
(“Sex in the Male City in Honor of BlogHim 08,” July 2008)

A blogger stays over in Queens and meets my mother
(“Meeting Mother Kramer,” August 2008)

I almost get into a fight with an Orthodox Jew outside the supermarket
(“The Orthodox Jewish Guy Outside the Supermarket,” August 2008)

My writing partner and I argue over a bar scene in a screenplay
(“Are Mojitos Gay?,” September 2008)

I spend too much time in McDonald’s drinking coffee
Searching for My Identity in a Queens McDonald’s,” September 2008)

I attempt my first sexy email exchange with a female blogger
The Sexy Email Exchange,” September 2008)

Obama’s campaign makes me focus on “change” in my own life
(“Change,” October 2008)

I remember my father’s love for Santa Claus
I Believe in Santa Claus,” December 2008)


The Biggest Selling Post
(“The Great Interview Experiment,” January 2008)

The Most Comments On a Post For the Least Amount of Work
(“Name Your Sandwich at Neilochka’s Virtual Kosher Deli,” March 2008)

Weirdest Fake Story
(“Giving Head,” October 2008)

Weirdest True Story
(“Neilochka vs. Archie,” May 2008)

See you in 2009!