In a desperate publicity stunt to take attention away from Google, Yahoo!’s Yodelimo will drive you five feet from the monorail to the convention center entrance.

After we heard some Microsoft presenter talk and talk about technology advancing "productivity,"  we noticed that most of the crowd gathered around the X-Box games.

At CES, the world is already Asian.

My favorite booth at CES — cutesy TVs by Hannspree.

At last! We found Moxi and Sophia promptly told them what she thought about their shitty DVR interface.  I couldn’t believe it, but they actually took notes!

Sony’s AIBO robotic dog costs $3000 and has "blog capability."  I’ve already put him on my blogroll.

The one question that stuck in my mind throughout the event:  Is Yanni really any better in Hi-Def and Surround Sound?


Polk Audio’s new line of speakers offer amazing clarity and sound.  You won’t believe the power of the highs, mids, and bass coming from this attractive set… uh, excuse me, this photo is from the wrong Las Vegas convention.   She belongs in the Adult Video Expo across the hall…