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The Hand


Befriend the man who gives a hand, not shows his hand.

OK, I made that up. But it’s not terrible.

Welcome to my new blog template. At least for now. I suppose if enough people hate it, I will change it. I’m not married to it yet. This is my third blog template in eleven years.

Now for the bigger question — what to do with this blog? I’m human. I crave attention and validation. And I can get more interaction from most of you by posting on Facebook or Instagram. What makes this site special? A person might read one of my posts about kitchen sponges on Facebook because it is shoved at them on their newsfeed, but who in their right mind is going to click on a link to read the same material on my blog?

You will just say, “Talk to my Hand.”

Please do not take this as criticism of you, dear reader, but myself. A REAL writer will write whether there is an audience for his work or not.

“Then why not just submit your writing to other sites instead and make $ online?”

That’s a good question, internal voice! Which publication would be keen to publish articles about kitchen sponges?


  1. kerry

    While the personal blog may have gone the way of the (name your own nearly extinct animal species), there is still a place for it, I think. Writing in your own space frees up a LOT ,and then if it’s linked to a social media platform or two people can choose to visit and see what’s up. Some folks still maintain reader feeds, if you can believe it. And some people (gasp!) don’t ‘do’ social media at all and just make the rounds of sites and blogs to catch up.

    In short – keep the blog. Revert to the glorious days of 2005-2008 and write, write, write.

    • kenju

      I agree with Kerry! I still have blog feeds, and while I might read most of them through links on Facebook, I would still get there eventually. Please don’t stop writing here.

      Maybe Good Housekeeping wants to hear about sponges.

      • Neil

        Yes, forgot about good housekeeping!

  2. Ms. Moon

    I feel completely compelled to write on my blog. I have no other reason.

  3. jana

    I love the new look. I think it’s time for a new pic in your sidebar, though.

  4. Elan Morgan

    I like it!

  5. Kizz

    Weren’t you submitting to Medium just for fun for a bit, too?

  6. Shannon akaMonty

    Oh good, you’ve used one of my top 5 favorite photos as your header! I like the new look – although your site is always pretty clean and streamlined anyway.
    I’m glad this blog is still up and running – I always visit here to read your posts and even leave a comment sometimes. I remember being annoyed when Twitter was The Thing and I’d post a link to a blog post and people would respond on Twitter with “I read it!” or whatever. I still love getting actual comments on my actual blog…but I’ll take the comments wherever I can get ’em.

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