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Walking in the Rain

Already posted this on Facebook, but wanted to show Juli the new version with the music added, and with me editing out the part where the sound got screwed up.   As for why I bothered to even do this, that will remain a mystery —


  1. You are so funny. Make this guy the lead character in your next screenplay.

  2. I was teetering between laughing and crying… epic shit Neil

  3. Neil, this cracked me up. (I hope your phone didn’t get too wet.)

  4. Oh my freaking Lord. Your mother made you take your umbrella. WHO ARE YOU?

  5. What, you’re from New York? LOL. I can’t decide if you’re the new Woody Allen or the old Holden Caulfield. Maybe both.

  6. That was great. Oh my, I loved that. Especially the umbrella reveal. Instead of “sigh” title, you could have a freeze frame of yourself as your voice over fades out. 400 Blows. (I was going to look up how to spell the title in the original french, but that’s kinda douche-y.)((Am amazed I’m getting no spellcheck warning on douche-y. Must be correct.)) Again, loved the movie. Thumb up.

  7. I love the commentary during the walk. And the supahmahket.

  8. WHY does this make me smile through tears????

  9. I love you so much right now. You maniac.

  10. This was such a good, solid, morning laugh, Neil. I’m so glad you reposted this here and it’s being shared because last night Facebook was being an ass and I couldn’t see the entire thing.

  11. Neil. I’m weeping. I love this. And I totally needed to see this right now.

  12. Perhaps the best bit of self-deprecating humor I’ve seen filmed. You’re so brilliant at this, Neil. Woody Allen sounds like a twit in comparison.

  13. Boy, since you’ve officially moved back to NY, your accent has gotten really thick!

  14. Hi, Neil. I first watched this with the sound turned off (kid sitting beside me, and me not knowing whether the language would be safe for kids), and your expressions alone are just so MAGNIFICENT. I thought, ‘Were I Juli, I’d probably fall in love with him all over again, because he’s the guy who makes this video.’ Just because.

  15. Wow. That was really sad.

  16. Bittersweet, sad and funny. As many good things are. I really dug the video, Neil.

  17. This made me miss you.

    Someone needs to film you!

  18. I stood in the pouring rain on my birthday a few days ago. I had on a swimsuit. It was fun!

  19. Neil, I think you should get out of NY for a couple of days. Come visit us in Providence. We don’t have any rain right now, but if some arrives while you’re here I promise you can use or not use an umbrella as you wish.

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