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One Thing a Day #1


I know I am generalizing, but it’s my blog, so I’ll do it anyway, but there is a certain “brand” of person — usually a woman, but not necessarily so — who is into creativity, art, yoga, progressive issue, spirituality — who, for some reason, never clicks with me, or my personality, either online or off, and I wonder why.   (there are exceptions, Kate).  It isn’t the biggest issue in my life, but I wonder if I am perceived as too negative, sarcastic, loud, or anxious for these caring folk, and I don’t meld well with their ideals of beauty and zen.   Like I am a can of Schlitz in a wine bar.   Even on Instagram, where I don’t say a word, when I get unfollowed by someone — chances are it is a woman who takes beautiful photos of the vegetable garden behind her Seattle loft.  I like vegetables, too!   I feel like I’m being misjudged.  Or do the truly spiritual and artistic souls of the world feel my angst and are afraid of it?

(note:  read the previous post where I explain what I am doing with this)


  1. Tanya

    Some people just don’t mesh well together I guess! Not everybody is going to like everyone else I guess.

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    We’re not meant to click with everybody. We don’t have to like what other people are doing/saying or participate in it, actively or passively. We can like someone and not find their work (blog, art, photography) engaging. Or the opposite.

    I think what troubles you is admitting that some people/blogs/things are uninteresting, boring, or annoying to you. The way people respond to what we do and who we are online is seldom personal even when it feels that way. People have limited time and so read/follow the people they most relate to or find valuable. Or they get tired of a certain type of content and switch it up, reading/following different people online and leaving some of their old “friends” behind. It can feel personal but it seldom is and I think online decisions are often made in the moment and usually shouldn’t be taken seriously or personally.

    Every day we have only so much time to devote to reading, social media, conversation, etc.

  3. Lily from It's A Dome Life

    I grew up on the East coast and now live in New Mexico. I miss sarcasm. For me, your blog and your pictures are a little slice of home.

  4. Ms. Moon

    Another blog friend and I agree that what we have a very hard time with and respond to with a lot of cynicism is earnestness. Maybe that isn’t quite the correct word but until I can figure it out, that one will do.

    • Elizabeth Aquino

      HA! I think I wrote the exact same thing on Neil’s facebook page!

  5. Marie Nicole

    I often find that “this” type of woman is … not the kind you’d really (totally and unconditionally) want to hang with and befriend. Why? (And I so apologize to the cool ones out there like Kate, whom you mentioned but which I do not know) Because they are so picky. You know the kind, if it’s not organic then it’s not good.

    Going through a farmers market last week I spotted a woman selling tamales. I love tamales. Walking by I yelled out “mmmm tamales!” and she answered “Yes! And mine are special, they don’t have lard!” I stopped, looked back and asked why in the world would she diminish the tasty value of a good tamale? Lard is the new evil to most who consider themselves wholesome.

    Wholesome is ok. But you see, your pictures, your words – they are true. And you make is seem to effortlessly. To many of these women, it is an effort to achieve such a level and your continued success is but a reminder of their own failures. Keep on doing what you’re doing, you have oodles of people willing to do anything for your recognition. Forget about those who set standards too high for anybody to meet.

  6. MissingMolly

    I’m friends with creative, artistic, organic-produce-eating, progressive-issue-promoting, Goddess-worshipping yogis. It’s not those particular things that don’t jive with me; instead, it’s any sort of sanctimonious attitude about said choices that turns me off.

    But I love me some sarcastic, Woody-Allenish angst. Maybe someone unfollows you because you’re just too awesome to handle sometimes, and they need a break from your awesomeness. Did you ever think of that?

    Also, it makes me laugh (cynically) when so-called zen people slam others for “spreading negative energy.” Because that’s such a positive thing to do, you know. At times, the smell of hyprocrisy irritates my nose, and it’s slightly reminiscent of tofurky jerky.

    (Disclaimer: I like tofu. But not *quite* as much as a medium-rare ribeye steak.)

    • Neil

      Maybe I somewhat want the approval of someone who is into spirituality or into the beauty of life. I think I feel insecure with people like that. Like they are better people or something.

      • MissingMolly

        Well, they aren’t better; a few just act like they are.

        I’m into the beauty of life…occasionally…to a certain extent.

  7. magpie

    i like random. it’s basically what i do.

  8. Linda

    Thinking irony more than sarcasm.
    Kinda ironic, yes?

  9. Bridget

    I like your angst. It makes me feel less angsty.

  10. Alma

    I’m a bit on the artsy fartsy side but never nauseatingly so… I hope.
    Love your view of the world Neil wherever you plant your feet, you dont need to say a word. Just give me a like once in a while 🙂

  11. Leslie

    It is strange to read that you think yourself so unartistic. Your photos on IG are so great and you are a musician (right?)… Perspective maybe? Maybe are a little more artsy/creative than you think…

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