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My trip to New Zealand was all about water.   Without water, we would all die of thirst.   But don’t try to grab it with the tense hand; it will laugh at you with disdain. It is a chameleon that takes many forms and shapes, always moving. Only a fool tries to control it.  Water runs fast.  Water can calm — the gentle brook, and then belittle you with a ocean’s tsunami, swallowing you whole.  Water is sex and religion.   Sweet wetness and holy baptism.  Water is risk.   Water is mysterious and powerful, like a woman.


  1. I’m new to your blog, relatively, but I have to say that your posts make me swoon.

  2. Can’t find that in NYC or LA.

  3. Are all women mysterious and powerful? Or just Juli? Cause I’m thinking my husband would never use those words to describe me.

    beautiful words, amazing video.

  4. Water is sex and religion, sweet wetness and holy baptism. YES. Now you’re talkin’

  5. Sigh. New to your writing, but a devoted fan of your photos. Both are so beautiful!

  6. Cool Neil. This thing needs a “LOVE IT” button.

  7. This Pisces woman appreciates you writing about her absolute favorite entity. Water is everything.

  8. Love the photo. And you’re very fortunate – it seems your lady friend is always naked. 🙂

  9. Spoken like a man who’s not afraid to say he’s in love.

    How wonderful.

  10. I think you are an amazing writer and photographer…

    Good luck to you both with your precious love 🙂

  11. Beautiful, Neil. You’ve been in the company of a Water Goddess, you are forever different.

    ” . . . try to grab it with the tense hand; it will laugh at you . . . ” I loved a drop of water once. He rejoined the ocean. I still hate the ocean, even as I’m grateful for it.

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