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NYC iPhoneography – August 24








  1. sarah piazza

    This is excellent work.

  2. gorillabuns

    Wonderful! I didn’t know the Naked Cowboy was still around!

  3. Stacey

    Beautiful, as always.

  4. Beth Collins

    I love your pictures!

  5. K A B L O O E Y

    The black and white ones definitely resonate more powerfully for me, and I don’t think it’s coincidence. Combination of subject matter, framing and removing the dissonance of clashing colors makes them work for me. As well as making them more timeless. Would a B & W shot of the Naked Cowboy’s ass work better for me than the shot you presented? I think I’m going to elect not to think about that any more. Nice work.

  6. Mrs.Birdma

    Two of my favorite things…NYC and photography. I really love these. Are you editing these with an ap, or importing them into PS? The edits are lovely. 🙂

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